quadric surface

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a curve or surface whose equation (in Cartesian coordinates) is of the second degree

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2 General Description of a Quadric surface and a Plane
Since our main focus is on finding the volume bounded by a quadric surface and a plane.
Alternatively, we sometimes write a quadric surface in the scalar form of:
The expression for Im(y), as shown in Equation (6), is also that of a general quadric surface, with many similarities to surface A.
These figures show a general quadric surface in contrast to the bi-linear (degenerate) case which resulted from purely real coefficients.
Quadric surfaces occur frequently in the design of discrete piece parts in mechanical CAD/CAM.
Since there are 14 different types of quadric surface (Clapham, 1996), it is useful to investigate further the exact nature of the surface A.
In fact, the surface B is a degenerate form of a quadric surface, more commonly referred to as a bilinear surface, since it only contains terms of degree one in each coordinate direction.
But these previous experiments in quadric surfaces perversely reappeared in derelict fashion: The glossy polycarbonate curve of Philippe Starck's Ero/s/ Chair, 2001, for Kartell, now upturned and deposited atop Geschwister (Brothers and Sisters), 2004, seemed like so much modernist design on layaway.
In general, two quadric surfaces intersect in a nonsingular quartic space curve.