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a curve or surface whose equation (in Cartesian coordinates) is of the second degree

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Con la intencion de validar los resultados finales del remallado, se comparo la tecnica de remallado propuesta, con una tecnica de simplificacion de superficie muy utilizada en el area del modelamiento tridimensional conocida como surface simplification using Quadric Error Metrics (SQEM) [19].
After these quadric assessments the programme's components were determined.
The potassium concentration in plant tissue at the first cutting was found to show a quadric response, reaching a maximum concentration at an LWE application rate of 109 [m.
2] for the link between the change in fixed assets and the change in turnover Type of The whole Industrial General Tourist service link collectivity businesses Services businesses (b) businesses Linear 0,010 0,002 0,166 0,006 Quadric 0,072 0,042 0,170 0,987 Cubic 0,095 (a) 0,111 (a) 0,174 1,000 (a)--developments described are abnormal (b)--only 4 entries are tested Source: author's calculations Table 3 Results of [R.
Heckbert, Simplifying surfaces with color and texture using quadric error metrics, Proceedings of the Conference on Visualization, 263-269 (1998).
ZEP := (x, y) -> c * sqrt(1 - (x/a)^2 - (y/b)^2): ZSP := (x, y) -> l + r * sqrt(1 - ((x-h)/r)^2 - ((y-k)/r)^2): # Use either the top or bottom for each quadric.
Figure 1 provides a simple geometrical interpretation: A relevant property of Cauchy quadric (defined by [[sigma].
2) the mathematical description has been made in the form of quadric equations system by Lagrange.
Selig S Harrison (Dir Centre for International Policy), Andrew Evia, Wendy Johnson , Annie Wocenti, Hyrbyair Marri, Mehran Baloch, Ahmed Masti Khan , Munir Mengal, Air Armanda, Professor Neale Baloch Quadric (closed confident of Barmmadagh Bugti) were the speakers and participants of conference .
OG(2,2n)] and that the even-dimensional quadric [Q.
Among the topics are compact moduli spaces of surfaces of general type, the geometry of the ball quotient model of the moduli space for genus four curves, restrictions of stable bundles, the splitting principles and singularities, and spaces of sections of quadric surface fibrations over curves.
Among specific topics are finite focal-spreads, subgeometries from focal-spreads, the ubiquity of subgeometry partitions, hyperbolic fibrations and partial flocks, parallelisms of quadric sets, regular parallelisms, parallelisms over ordered fields, and transitive deficiency one.
While the computational testing reported here was carried out on the WRFs site selection problems with interdependence between two alternatives, which is represented by a quadric objective function, it is noted that this approach is not restricted to such cases and can be readily applied to the high-dimensional interdependence to any site selection.
min]), quartile--are those values of the characteristics that split the series in four equal parts, amplitude (W), dispersion, quadric mean abnormality (S), variability coefficient (Cv).