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a period of four years

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The Study Group hopes to create and publish an anthology of accessible theological essays and Bible studies on Unity in Mission for seminary and parish use at the end of the quadrennium.
For the privately funded Canadian Olympic Committee, the challenge in the next quadrennium will be to maintain these organizational and infrastructural improvements and stay "among the top performing sporting nations in the world.
The National Team coaching pool is selected for the 2009-22 quadrennium and is responsible for the training and preparation of the women's national team program.
The 34th General Assembly of the World Student Christian Federation met in Montreal, Canada, August 1-9, to gather students from around the world to share stories of God's work in their lives and their work in God's world; to review and assess the Federation's work; to re-envision the mission of the WSCF at all levels for the coming quadrennium and beyond; and to call forth a new generation of ecumenical leaders.
But that is history - we know that and really this was our first major meet of the next quadrennium.
3 billion in funding for schools for the quadrennium 2005-08.
This paper provides recommendations to focus national effort over the 2005-2008 quadrennium.
has yet made material advance during the quadrennium, the aggregate sales having reached and passed the million dollar mark.
And if Baker can help secure another quadrennium in the White House for the Bushes, Baker Botts will--once again--reap the benefits.
Each TOP has signed into a quadrennium, a four-year deal that keeps them in the Olympic market place - and everyone else out.
During his six decades as elder and bishop (1860-1918) in the AMEZ Church, the denomination grew from 5,000 to 750,000 members, the position of bishop replaced the old one of superintendent (1860), bishops began to serve for life instead of having to stand for reelection each quadrennium (1880), and bishops were forced to retire at age seventy-four (1916).
34) Nor do we possess any evidence that these state accounts were calculated on a Panathenaic basis before the quadrennium of 426/5 to 423/2 covered by the report of the logistai, who (incidentally) also apparently performed their task without reference to the four archai.
The contributors think, 'Another publication towards the next Research quadrennium.
68) It calls for a concatenation of approvals from the President, supermajorities of both houses of Congress, and supermajorities of voters in two elections separated by a quadrennium.