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a branch of algebra dealing with quadratic equations

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The major variability contributors to the force calculations are vehicle mechanical drive systems and ambient influences, such that there is no one singular, quadratic equation that can repeatedly describe the forces that act to slow down vehicles under any road conditions.
The vehicle Track RLD produces a total Track Target quadratic equation that models the sum of windage, vehicle drive train mechanical and tire drags associated with the vehicle on the road.
When the vehicle repeats times that match the Track Target RLD equation calculated times, within acceptance limits, the dynamometer set load associated with those replicate runs, expressed as a quadratic equation, is used as dynamometer set coefficients for the vehicle test cell testing.
Positive Modified Quadratics Shepard Surface, Pakistan Journal of Science, 60(3-4): 34-39 (2008).
In this paper, we constrain the Modified Quadratic Shepard interpolant to preserve positivity in one-dimensional interpolation such that the constrained interpolant also retains the least-squares fit to data.
Also the least-squares fit property is the key characteristic of the modified quadratic Shepard interpolant.
Computer technology (which I think is the foundation of all other electronic wizardry these days) eliminates the need for the mastery of, for example, drawing skills to reveal the myriad manifestations of, say, simple quadratic functions, and their not-so-simple variants.
The universal quadratics previously recognized by Lagrange and Ramanujan belong to the matrix-defined subset considered by Conway and Schneeberger.
Universal Expressions: Looking for squares Early last century, Srinivasa Ramanujan found 53 universal quadratics of the form [ax.sup.2] + [by.sup.2] + [cz.sup.2] + [dt.sup.2], where a, b, c, and d are integers.
958) indicates that a fairly common model for studying the relationship between the level of development and income inequality may be written in the form of the following Kuznets-type quadratic:
Also, because at such a high level of development the quadratic term may seem unimportant, the estimates are also reported for each model without the quadratic term.
This may make factoring simple quadratics (a[x.sup.2] + bx + c, a = 1) a considerable challenge while non-simple quadratics (a[x.sup.2] + bx + c, a [not equal to] 1) become almost impossible.
Factoring of quadratics requires students to be able to quickly find factors of one number that also add to find another.
This article explores one such domain associated with topics dealing with quadratic functions and corresponding equations.
Solving quadratic equations in one variable is a traditional topic in secondary school algebra.