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Synonyms for quadrate

having four equal sides and four right angles


to be compatible or in correspondence

Words related to quadrate

a cubelike object

a square-shaped object

Related Words

having four sides and four angles

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There was above 60 pieces of different food products counted in each quadrate at the beach of Paradise Point.
integriceps on two wheat cultivars (Sardari and Azar 2) and a barley cultivar (Sahand) for quadrate method is presented in Table 3.
Combining data across both sampling periods, of the 33 quadrates that had no dead shells, only one (3%) had a live snail; of the 17 quadrates that had at least one dead shell, nine (53%) had at least one live snail (the association was statistically significant: two-tailed Fisher exact test P < 0.
For the paraffin sections of the cut-surface contact assay, five sections were randomly selected, and 80-[micro]m X 80-[micro]m quadrates were overlaid on these sections every 100 [micro]m far from the contact plane (up to 300 [micro]m).
The rice field was divided into nine quadrates of a square meter surface with 15 cm deep water.
2] quadrates in each aquarium were selected randomly, and all larvae within the quadrates were counted by naked eye.
2] quadrates were located at 1 m intervals (n=25/transect), odd-numbered quadrates to the right even-numbered to the left.
Vegetation analyses were done by making random quadrates at each stop to calculate the Importance Value (I.
Although quadrates (QUAD) are also relatively large structures with a projecting ridge that is often much reduced when found in scats, we found QUAD structures of Atka mackerel recovered in scats from field studies and captive sea lion studies in relatively better condition than those of pollock, leading to differences in grading criteria and resulting DCFs (Tables 1 and 2).
In June 2002 randomly five (10 x 10)-m sample quadrates in Scots pine, black alder and naturally recovered stands in reforested opencasts were chosen to estimate stand productivity.
2]) quadrates, he found that (1) grain and straw yields from graded Fanya juu(2)-terraced fields were 15 to 47% higher, and were more stable than yields from non-conserved plots; (2) within the Fanya juu-terraced fields, grain and straw yields from above the terraces were higher than yields from below or from the middle of the terraces; (3) grain and straw yields from fields under graded Fanya juu were 31 and 26% higher, respectively, than those from level bunds.