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Synonyms for quadrate

having four equal sides and four right angles


to be compatible or in correspondence

Words related to quadrate

a cubelike object

a square-shaped object

Related Words

having four sides and four angles

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Herbaceous plant species and their projection coverage (%) at different distances from the pollution source and control forest stand (an average data from 36 vegetation sample quadrates at each distance and control) Projection coverage (%) at distance from the factory, km Species 0.
2] [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 19 OMITTED] shows clearly that at all sites more species are found in the rocks than in the Lithosol quadrates.
These two chorotypes are absent from all of the Lithosol quadrates at all of the sites.
Appropriately weighted amounts of wild oats seeds were hand broadcasted to provide the desired densities that were checked using quadrates at three different times.
nigricans (MAUL 917/1; NCSM 6944; USNM 476372, 481903) are the only other ones with preserved quadrates (Fierstine 2001; Carnevale et al.
OCPC 31001, partial skull, including the skull roof, rostrum, lower jaws and quadrate.
Total quadrate thrown in every piece fits in the size and extent of the area and two quadrates was thrown per hectare.
As the quadrate dimension becomes smaller in the second and third stages of sampling, four quadrates were launched and the data were recorded per hectare.