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100 qindarka equal 1 lek in Albania

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Qintar highlighted that facilitating visa requirements and exemptions offered for Jordanians that will further boost bilateral ties between the two countries at all levels, mainly the tourist field.
The reports added that, Qintar's body was found with bruises on his face, a bullet in his head.
Berri and Mikati study means of cooperation as Labor Union pursues increase in wages Dahiyeh explosion targets Qintar, and Hezbollah carries out two maneuver exercises SHARQ AWSAT: Culprits in Hariri's assassination are phantoms in their area and not handing them in increases probability of trial in absentia HAYAT: Siniora informs Sleiman of necessity to begin dialogue on weapons issue French questioning into performance of army, mission of UNIFIL and execution of 1701 MOUSTAQBAL: Sleiman continues with Siniora dialogue discussions Lifting confidentiality off culprits in Hariri's murder is a "clear message" Mystery of Dahiyeh explosion increases silence of state and statelet
texte arabe, pp.59-60 : wa-nahr Sahur alladi 'alayhi madinat al-Masila munba 'atuhu min 'uyun dahil madina' Gadir Warru, wa-hiya madinat kabira awwaliyya bayna gibal, fiha 'ayn tarra 'adba 'alayha al-arha, wa'ayn uhra wa-tahtaha 'ayn harrara yuqalu laha 'ayn Mahlad tagtami 'u fiha wa-min hunaka munba 'at nahr Sahur, wa-bi-madinat al-Gadir gami' wa-aswaq 'amira wa-fawakih 'katira, wa-hiya rahisa al-ta'am wa-l-lahm wa-gami' al-timar, qintar 'inab fiha bi-dirham, wa-sukkanuha Hawwara ya 'tadunafi sittin alfan.
By way of example, the qintar was a bullion coin weight equivalent to 4,000 dinars.
He said that production should rise to 1.4 million qintar in the 2017/2018 fiscal year from 700,000 qintar a year earlier.
In a statement to SANA upon visiting wounded members of the army at Tishreen Military Hospital, Qintar called upon the Syrian and Arab mass media to deal with what Syria is facing as an American aggression because the country which wants the armed groups to stay and practice acts of sabotage in Syria is an aggressive country.
The lyrics for the new song "Hader Hader" were written and composed by Talal Al Qintar, and distributed and recorded by Walid Abed Al Masih.
As for textiles, Rachid said the government would support the local industry by offering a cash subsidy of LE 150 per qintar of cotton.
During a meeting with Qintar who concluded a tour to Syrian public and private universities, Sa'ati said that "My Story" book which narrates al-Qintar's struggle and resilience will be a document sealed by sacrifice and struggle to show the Arab youths that those who have just causes can never be defeated.