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having a secret or hidden meaning

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The ancient Qabalistic tarot and Tree of Life have offered the tools with which to do this type of transformational work.
This is the natural "winding path called the Path of the Serpent," the Hodos Chameliontos of "Anima Mundi" section XV, that comes to an individual "in so far as a man is like all other men." This concept is mirrored in the qabalistic idea of gilgul from the school of Isaac the Blind, which Yeats undoubtedly learned about from MacGregor Mathers and the other high-ranking members of the Golden Dawn.
As an example of Qabalistic healing, Israel Regardie (193711964) published a book in 1937 called The Art of True Healing which is based on the Tree of Life and working with the universal life force or energy.
Neither description seems incongruent with the Qabalistic view.
(21) McCarthy's enhancement of his character Judge Holden with images and allusions drawn from the Qabalistic Tarot and Masonic symbolism is explored in my essay "The Dance of History in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian," Southern Literary Journal, 24 (Fall 1991), 16-31, reprinted as a chapter in my Notes on "Blood Meridian." (22) In Luste (one of Valery's two Faust plays, with The Only One), a Student character remarks that, "It's all two clear that every cause is a lost cause, that defeat in the end is no more immaterial or less glorious than victory": Paul Valery, Luste, in Plays, trans.