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an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret

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For serious students of Kabbalah (Qabalah) mysteries, whether for understanding of the number of the beast of Revelation 13:17-18 or for philosophy of Jewish history, Berry conclusively shows key elements of techniques and origins beginning with the Egyptians, Pythagoras, Plato and Gnostics.
Hermetic Qabalah (From the Hebrew word meaning "reception" or "accounting") is a Western esoteric, occult and mystical tradition.
The section on the Qabalah includes an intricate "Tree of Life" with Hebrew names for the positions interconnections and levels of perception.
I studied astrology with one of her students and then went on to study Qabalah which incorporated more astrology as well as tarot, past-life regression and many, many more esoteric techniques.
Hierdie melankolie is egter dikwels positief omdat dit kreatiwiteit skep, wat meermale deur 'n mantra of 'n ander ritueel opgeroep word kan op slegs enkele verhale soos "Die fees van die mantras", "Die venster", "Die dorp", "lnvokasie" en "Qabalah" van toepassing gemaak word.
It is also the title of a 1970 book by Qabalah scholar Israel Regardie, included here on one of Bove's trademark bookshelves.