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fruit of such plants as the plantain


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a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Puppis and Antlia

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a small box used by ancient Greeks to hold medicines

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It still leaves the "Pyxis" device unexplained though.
He added: "I'm able to play the AAF and flattened MXF-wrapped video files off of any server in the building with PYXIS. As changes keep coming in, I can layer the different versions of the video tracks, comparing them to see where things have moved.
Among the Assur material are the ivory pyxis and objects mentioned above, and Neo-Assyrian pieces such as the fragment of a pyxis (B.9) or the heads of figurines P.14 and P.15.
Table 2 Current Goal 30-day Review 60-day 90-day Review Review Average number 7/day 0 Not available 3/day 3/day of Life safety violations Average 56 sec <30 sec Not available 34.5 30 sec search-time sec for medical item Pyxis 89.6% 95% 98.6% 88.9% 90.44% compliance Missed $14,009/mo $7,000/mo Not available $6,938 $5,782 charges The designated metrics were measured at 30, 60 and 90 days.
We'll now set a course for southern Puppis and then swiftly sail into eastern Pyxis. Representing a magnetic compass, Pyxis may seem a fitting addition to Argo, but the device was unknown to the ancient Greeks.
Assistant Secretary Raul Hernandez, the DFA spokesperson, said pirates shot and killed the Filipino seaman when they boarded the Pyxis Delta, a tanker registered in the Marshall Islands, on Monday.
New issuers listing their first products on NYSE Arca in 2012 included: Exchange Traded Concepts; ArrowShares; BNP Paribas; Huntington Securities; and Pyxis.
The tablets were discovered in a sealed tin cylinder called a pyxis.
29--namely, that CareFusion is consulting with the SEC about its accounting policy for sales-type leases in its Pyxis medication and supply dispensing product lines.
They are: Pyxis Delta, the 46,616 dwt chemical/oil tanker; Sichem Hawk, the 25,385 dwt chemical/oil tanker; and Paula II, the 37,227 dwt bulk carrier.
They are: Pyxis Delta, the 46,616dwt chemical/oil tanker; Sichem Hawk, the 25,385dwt chemical/oil tanker; and Paula II, the 37,227dwt bulk carrier.
'Calyon collected fees on an understanding and, by a Pyxis swap, shifted waste on a CDO that it would have differently borne itself,' said Intesa.
The new mobile app uses Pyxis Mobile's enterprise-grade mobile application development platform, and connects business travellers with the company's worldwide response capabilities, including the International SOS Alarm Centre, direct access to location-specific travel alerts, and real-time health and security suggestions.
As an example of how SSON can be used to obtain an observation impossible to make from the UK, Nick James requested images of the recurrent nova T Pyxis to be taken at SSON during the Winchester meeting.
On the SE model I tested, 15in Pyxis alloy wheels are fitted.