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Synonyms for pyxis

fruit of such plants as the plantain


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a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Puppis and Antlia

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a small box used by ancient Greeks to hold medicines

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(130) Other individuals carry a variety of items in the procession: pyxides or baskets, large shallow bowls, and a lamp stand.
Immerwahr also observes differences in dress: the Mycenaean ones more often represent the flounced skirt, whereas the example from Knossos has a bordered robe and apparently depicts priestesses or deities in contrast to the mainland Greek females, who are bearing pyxides and flowers, as if they were votaries (cf.
(13) In addition to other ceramic vessels, the tomb contained a number of wheelmade and painted cut-work kalathoi, as well as many pieces of Attic Fine Handmade Incised Ware, including pyxides and lids, hemispherical bowls, hollow clay balls, spindlewhorls, and solid clay beads.
4 These forms include rounded and straight-sided bowls, carinated bowls, droop-handled bowls, folded bowls, chalices, kraters, juglets, jugs, strainer jugs, jars, storage jars and pithoi, amphoriskoi, goblets, pilgrim flasks, pyxides, cooking pots, lamps, cup-and-saucers, ring stands, drain pipes, unusual forms, and miscellaneous sherds.