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Synonyms for pyx

a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay

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any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept


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Team member Stephen Lawrence, from Hofstra University, compared the effect of the recent T Pyx explosion to that of fireworks.
Director Curtis Harrington says he suggested the pairing for a film called The Pyx where Crawford would have played a madame and Mason a detective but it fell through because Mason said he could not bear to work with Crawford.
Similarly, the Royal Sceptre and the Pyx have become no more than wood.
Even though the third stanza discloses that this insouciant visitor is conversant with the technical term "pyx" (25), the container for Eucharist wafers, he would rather be viewed as the blase and disinterested outsider.
Responsible for the practice of hallmarking the city's gold and silver, visitors will learn about the ancient ceremony known as the 'Trial of the Pyx' which still takes place annually at Goldsmiths' Hall.
Tickers featured: ACV, AVP, CL, CLX, EL, IPAR, KMB, MAT, NWL, PFE, PG, PRGO, PYX, UL.
The products used are: Neterion Xframe 10 GbE adapters, a Force 10 TeraScale E-Series switch/router, and the iSCSI Enterprise Software from SBE, Inc., (formerly PyX Technologies) with ERL2.
(8.) See Barnard v National Dock Labour Board [1953] 2 QB 18; Vine v National Dock Labour Board [1957] AC 488; Pyx Granite Co.
On the internet, "The Victorian Web: Literature, History, and Culture in the Age of Victoria" ( features four short essays for novices of Hardy's work, and of greater variety and interest "Victoria" ( offers a listserve with Hardy-related messages and replies which, for the year 2002, includes items on the poems, "The Shadow on the Stone," "The Lost Pyx," "A Duettist to Her Pianoforte," and "The Riddle"--pronunciation of "Over the sea" in that poem.
Roffman's later career was as producer or executive producer on such films as Explosion (1969) and The Pyx (1973).
I am a woman and I would be ashamed to be seen by you, for I am naked." Later, when they came back with the Eucharist in a pyx, they found her almost dead.
"Sovereign Counterfeits: The Trial of the Pyx." Renaissance Quarterly 49: 334-59.
Blarney PP, Fr Vincent O'Donohue, of St Mary's Church in Waterloo, Co Cork, said: "The safe was locked in the sacristy and I presume they were looking for money but we never leave money there - only our chalice, ciborium and pyx as well as the key to the tabernacle.
1977 "Eight Centuries of Sampling Inspection: The Trial of the Pyx." Journal of the American Statistical Association 72: (Sept.):493-500.