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presence of white blood cells in the urine

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Presenting symptoms are non-specific and resemble those related to a common UTI, including pyuria, fever, and dysuria.
In this study, it is noticed that pSLE have High ESR and Pyuria which could be related to either to SLE flare versus active infection.
The last patient with infectious complication in the single-dose prophylaxis group showed no growth in urine culture but presented pyuria, dysuria, and suprapubic tenderness.
However, sonography for the pyuria confirmed an aneurysm in the right kidney and a collection in Morrison's pouch.
Patients experiencing prostate cancer, bacteriuria or pyuria, as well as undergoing previous prostate and urethral surgery were excluded from the study.
cylindruria, crystalluria, urolithiasis, hematuria, hemoglobinuria, pyuria, bacteriuria and neoplasia (Table 1).
But one needs only two or three of the five principal clinical KD criteria plus three or more of six other laboratory findings (anemia, low albumin, leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, pyuria, or elevated alanine aminotransferase).
The most common symptoms and signs were fever, dysuria nausea/vomiting, general condition impairment, pyuria, haematuria.
On microscopic examination of the urine, pyuria was minimal (6 white blood cells per high-power field) and no bacteriuria was noted.
Suprapubic pain, frequency and dysuria, lower abdominal discomfort, pain referred to the distal urethra, microscopic or macroscopic hematuria, pyuria, or urosepsis appertains to differential diagnosis of a variety of conditions, thus delaying timely diagnosis.
In the first screening tests, UTI was excluded simply based on the absence of significant pyuria, although some UTIs were known to be characterized by little or no pyuria and the threshold suggesting a true UTI was not definitively established [81].
Symptoms of UTI includes painful micturaition, flank pain, fever etc while its signs are pyuria, bacteriuria and tenderness in flank.
Her routine urine analysis and urine culture revealed no pyuria, bacteriuria nor microscopic hematuria.