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Synonyms for pyrotechnic

(usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames

of or relating to the craft of making fireworks

suggestive of fireworks

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(25) Although this role declined in the nineteenth century with the rise of a class of professional pyrotechnists, the artillery presided over major displays celebrating, for example, the conclusion of the Napoleonic wars and the coronations of King William IV and Queen Victoria.
At the Japan Day on June 13, pyrotechnists from the Far East light splendid illustrative fireworks.
SPRINGFIELD - About half a dozen pyrotechnists spent Sunday afternoon lining up 3,000 fireworks shells for tonight's extravaganza at Island Park.
Pyrotechnist Kyle Ramsay sets a 3-inch mortar rack between 4-inch mortar batteries for tonight's fireworks show at Springfield's Island Park.
As Tom Handel, vice president of the Pyrotechnics Guild International, wrote in an issue of American Fireworks News, "It is time for amateur pyrotechnists to stand up and be counted." What could be more American than using fuel, oxidizer, and a fuse to mare a loud, smoky, or colorful explosion, or to propel a rocket into the sky?
Potters and weavers, woodcarvers and papermakers, even pyrotechnists are carefully identified by name, interviewed, and featured as the true artists they are.
John Woodhead, of firework industry trade body the British Pyrotechnists Association, said: "The Prime Minister has publicly asked that UK citizens go on with their lives as normal.
Until her father's innovation, pyrotechnists had detonated fireworks by placing their hands into the firework pipes, often sustaining hearing damage from the explosions.
She hired the nation's greatest pyrotechnists and made her husband's simple idea a reality and filed for the patent in his name.
Gwyddom am un diwydiant sydd yn sicr eisiau diolch sef gwneuthurwyr tan gwyllt sydd yn cael ei reoli gan y British Pyrotechnists' Association.