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Synonyms for pyrotechnics

(music) brilliance of display (as in the performance of music)

the craft of making fireworks


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SPRINGFIELD - About half a dozen pyrotechnists spent Sunday afternoon lining up 3,000 fireworks shells for tonight's extravaganza at Island Park.
Akiko Amano, the first female head of a pyrotechnist family stretching back three and a half centuries, is determined to overcome the decline in the Japanese pyrotechnic industry, and bring the magic of highly artistic, traditional Japanese fireworks to the youth of today.
Turner, known as the "great pyrotechnist" because of his dramatic use of colours, had a close affiliation with Monmouthshire-born Wilson who lived in London's Covent Garden where Turner grew up.
| Category 4 fireworks can only be used by professionals trained under the British Pyrotechnists Association.
Category 4 fireworks can be used only by professionals trained under the British Pyrotechnists Association.
It is an ideal opportunity for members of the public to enjoy a display in a safe environment with fullytrained pyrotechnists and there will be refreshments on site.
He said he was considering making a report to prevent future deaths but wanted to hear from the Department of Business, the Health and Safety Executive, the Highways Agency, the British Pyrotechnists Association and Taunton Deane council.
(25) Although this role declined in the nineteenth century with the rise of a class of professional pyrotechnists, the artillery presided over major displays celebrating, for example, the conclusion of the Napoleonic wars and the coronations of King William IV and Queen Victoria.