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Synonyms for pyrotechnic

(usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames

of or relating to the craft of making fireworks

suggestive of fireworks

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It takes about 50 pyrotechnicians to make sure this all happens without any issues.
Let's try alternatives to firecrackers and enjoy instead the fireworks handled by professional pyrotechnicians. Firecracker use has caused death and fires that razed scores of homes and destroyed propertiesA| Almost 600 cases of firecracker-related injuries were recorded last year for the Christmas and New Year celebrations, while the police recorded 61 incidents of stray bullets, Marcos said.
More than 19 arts and community organisations and 70 producers, digital artists, costume designers, pyrotechnicians, composers and technicians have been involved in the creation of Ar Waith Ar Daith.
For centuries, fireworks displays were marvels of sound, fury, and smoke, as pyrotechnicians had far more success mastering the formulas for the oxidations and reductions that ensured successful ascensions and explosions than those that would consistently yield color.
For Canadian pyrotechnicians, check out the Pyrotechnics Special Effects Manual, which is available from Explosive Regulatory Division, Minerals and Metals Sector, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E4 or at canmet-erd@nrcan.
Our professional pyrotechnicians produce spectacular displays using the highest quality materials and the latest computer firing technology.
I am not a kill-joy and see nothing wrong with professional pyrotechnicians holding organised displays in parks and stadia etc, but not teenage yobs running berserk and lobbing what are virtually mini hand grenades at all and sundry.
She will then lead the 40-minute carnival at 1pm with a 2,000-strong team of dancers, actors, musicians and pyrotechnicians making her way through Trinity Street, Hales Street, Corporation Street, Greyfriars Road, Warwick Road, New Union Street and Little Park Street.
City might be loaded with superstars and part-time pyrotechnicians but it was Albion who sparked first.
Hundreds of dancers, actors, aerialists, musicians, pyrotechnicians, carnivalists and local youngster are also set to be part of the pounds 500,000 Arts Council England commission - which is entitled Godiva Awakes.
By the mid-18th century, performers were already selling Italian-style fireworks for private consumption and soon after began blending the skills of science lecturers and pyrotechnicians, travelling about Europe showing new marvels in theatres and pleasure gardens.
The fireworks are let off in a carefully controlled environment by expert pyrotechnicians and a fire officer from the nearby Holmfirth Fire Station will be on hand to inspect the bonfire beforehand.
The World Famous was formed in 1999 by a group of pyrotechnicians and designers who wanted to explore new ways of working with fire and fireworks.
And 20 off-duty soldiers from the Royal Logistics Corps re-enacted battles from the Falklands War, firing blanks while pyrotechnicians set off explosions and blew up cars.
Next, the pyrotechnicians pack in pellets called "stars" that will give each firework its color.