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of or relating to the craft of making fireworks


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>Chapter 1: Starting with a 10-second pyrotechnical countdown to welcome the new year, the first experience was that of a canopy of glittering chrysanthemums greeting visitors.
Austrian police said in a tweet some 'pyrotechnical' missiles were thrown by demonstrators.
But the current production of Wonder Woman brilliantly bundles a female protagonist of superior physical strength, compassion, and logic with pyrotechnical computerized special effects and unusual restraint regarding cleavage, and voila!
The longest of Thoreau's sentences, consisting of 351 words, appears in the chapter "House-Warming" and begins, "I sometimes dream of a larger and more populous house" (Walden 218-19), the deliberate, self-exhibiting construction of the sentence seeming to suggest both the construction of the larger dream house and a pyrotechnical ars rhythmica.
Indeed, due to the nature of explosion, pyrotechnical excitation is dangerous and also has low repeatability.
Listening to the pyrotechnical splendor, the sheer power, the personal and tender poetry, and the tapestry of sound and color simply took my breath away.
"A lot of the fireworks that we use are imported from Spain and China because these are special shell fireworks.On each of the four days of Eid celebrations, 1,800 shells were ignited," Hashisho said, "We have our pyrotechnical specialist to take care of the details.
As soon as the risk of a rollover is detected, the two high-strength aluMinium bars retract within 150 milliseconds by means of a pyrotechnical trigger function.
The Verba MANPADS is ten times more effective in overcoming pyrotechnical glitches that its Igla predecessor, while covering a range two and a half times greater.
"There can be no compromise for firecrackers and pyrotechnical materials.
BUCHAREST (TAP) - At least 27 people were killed and more than 140 hospitalised with injuries on Friday after a heavy metal band's pyrotechnical show sparked a fire inside a nightclub in Romania, officials said.
Around nine pyrotechnical companies from around the globe present a 30 minute pyromusical show.
Any time you purchase pyrotechnical products, you must mail an ink-signed copy of the permit or license to your distributor with the first order.
These included: 'Oh, spherical objects!' and 'What the Bill Barnacles!' Even if something had happened that would justify a pyrotechnical outburst of profanities comparable to that first scene in Four Weddings And AFUNERAL, the worst I ever recall FUNERAL, the worst I ever recall hearing was: 'Shine a light!" Now that I have kids of my own, " I too am forced to use these delightful expressions (most frequently when on the verge of leaving for the school run in the morning only to discover my six-yearold is still in his underpants).
Strange's Men, as Lawrence Manley has shown, were "remarkably pyrotechnical, if not pyromaniac" in their use of "[f]ire, fireworks, the threat of fire, and above all the threat and actual simulation of burning people alive" (116).