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Beverages: phosphoric acid in colas for acidulant, pyrophosphate in chocolate milk to suspend cocoa, pyrophosphate in buttermilk for protein dispersion, tricalcium phosphate in orange juice for fortification, tetrasodium phospahte in strawberry flavored milk to bind iron to pink color
Some dentifrices have added ingredients, such as pyrophosphate to reduce calculus formation, whitening agents like peroxide, or agents aimed at reducing sensitivity.
Samples containing agglomerated blends of sodium phosphate had less protein exudate than did samples containing sodium tripolyphosphate, poly- and pyrophosphates, and potassium and sodium polyphosphates, but not the samples containing polyphosphates.
An obvious target for genetic engineering is the rubber transferase enzyme, the biological catalyst that polymerizes natural rubber from isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP), an allylic pyrophosphate (usually farnesyl pyrophosphate, FPP, in vivo) being required to initiate the reaction.
We recently reported that SNP types can be determined by a new genotyping method based on the bioluminescence detection of the pyrophosphate produced in a specific probe-extension reaction.
In the prebiotic atmosphere, inorganic pyrophosphates formed by photo-phosphorylating reactions and enrichment of enantiopure molecular conformations provides a thermodynamical driving force for the evolution of biogenetic process.
Although reacting sodium bicarbonate with pyrophosphates is the ideal method for aerating batter systems, difficulty is frequently experienced in delaying this reaction for long enough to prepare a mix and refrigerate it for future use.