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a salt or ester of pyrophosphoric acid

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Pyrophosphate is in charge of blocking the generation of these crystals, naturally inhibiting processes that lead to vascular calcification.
Using a proprietary materials design technology and a technology that precisely controls the composition of raw materials and the formation process of materials, the corporation has successfully synthesized lithium iron pyrophosphate (Li5.
Unlike in gout, there is currently no effective treatment that reduces or removes calcium pyrophosphate crystals from a joint.
KEY WORDS: chiropractic, ankle, calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease
In the preparation of the experimental diets, a basal food (control) without palatant (Table 1), and three others with external application of sodium pyrophosphate (0.
Small signals due to diester P and pyrophosphate were detected for all samples.
McCarty, "Pseudogout and pyrophosphate metabolism," Advances in Internal Medicine, vol.
By directly binding to the pyrophosphate binding sites of RNA and DNA polymerases, foscarnet, as a non-nucleoside analog of pyrophosphate, non-competitively inhibits enzyme activity with nucleotide substrates.
For instance: calcium phosphate, disodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, tricalcium phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, and pyrophosphate polyphosphates.
Chinese scientists investigated the effects of different types and concentrations of emulsifying salts--trisodium citrate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate and disodium orthophosphate--on the physicochemical properties of processed cheese.
Our first example is magnesium pyrophosphate detection.
Agents like pyrophosphate, zinc citrate and triclosan are effective as antiplaque agents.
The top court ruled that the poison used could have been tetraethyl pyrophosphate as determined in the final ruling that saw Masaru Okunishi convicted of killing five people and injuring 12 others after they drank the tainted wine at a local community meeting in the central Japan city.
Pseudogout is a real condition, although it's often called acute calcium pyrophosphate crystal arthritis.
It is based on the pioneering and elegant, basic science work of Pal Nyreen, PhD, who first demonstrated in 1987 that DNA polymerization can be monitored by measuring pyrophosphate production, which can be detected by light.