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a deep red garnet used as a gemstone

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Table 3 and Figure 3 show a comparison of this study and the previous studies for pyrope at room temperature.
If F is bounded, then its face lattice is isomorphic to the face lattice of the (m - 1)-dimensional pyrope.
The cushion-shaped brooch pictured here is set with pyrope garnets, which are the commonest variety of this gemstone.
Kimberlite is a host rock to diamonds, but not a source rock: Kimberlite indicator minerals consist of pyrope and eclogitic garnets, magnesian ilmenite, chromite, chorine diopside, forsteritic olivine and diamond and the presence of these minerals is used to determine the proximity of diamond-bearing kimberlites.
By sampling the silts, sands and gravels of eskers, tills, beach deposits and stream sediments over this vast area, the tell-tale indicator minerals (pyrope and eclogitic garnets, picro-ilmenite, chrome diopside and chromite) they were led to the Lac de Gras area, 210 km south of the Arctic Circle and 320 km north-east of Yellowknife, capital of the NWT.
Albert Gilg (Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany) used a variety of non-destructive methods (Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopy, and portable EDXRF analysis) to characterize more than 90 rough and 25 faceted gem-quality pyropes from various localities in Bohemia, and compared their properties to pyrope samples from other significant locations worldwide as well as red Cr-poor magmatic pyropes.
The only samples in our suite of standards analyzed by more than one laboratory or different analysts were: Cr-bearing augite from Nevada; A-99 basaltic glass from Hawaii; and partial analyses of hornblende, pyrope, and augite from Kakanui, New Zealand, and VG-2 glass from the Juan de Fuca Ridge.
As indicated by the data in Table II, the stone consists of almandine with a spessartine component rather than a pyrope component.
The Dora-Maira Massif (composed of very high-pressure metamorphic rocks), is of great importance for the study of the alpine orogeny, and has produced large, somewhat rounded crystals of pyrope up to 25 cm in diameter.
Based on type garnet market is classified into almandine, andradite, grossular, pyrope, spessartine, and uvarovite.
The garnet was analyzed for Si, Al, Ti, Fe, Mn, Mg and Ca using the following standards: Si, Mg (pyrope); Al, Mn (spessartine); Ti (titanite); Fe (fayalite); Ca (diopside); V, Cr, Zn, P, Na, V, Cr, Sr, Y, Zr and Sn were sought but not detected.
pollucite, tourmaline Gaiyang Fujian sapphire, pyrope Ganzhou Dayu Jiangxi barite, bismuth, cassiterite, fluorite, scheelite, sphalerite, wolframite Gaofeng Anhui epidote, garnet Gaoligongshan Yunnan topaz, tourmaline Gaoshitai Hebei *gaotaiite Gaowang Guangdong fergusonite, samarskite Gejiu Yunnan barite, bornite, cassiterite, hemimorphite Gongchangling Liaoning magnetite Gongga Sichuan barite Gongxian Henan bauxite (diaspore, boehmite) Guangshanzai Hubei turquoise Guichi Anhui azurite, malachite Guilin Guangxi Zhuang calcite A.R.