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a mineral consisting of lead chloride and phosphate

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Klee, "The vibrational spectra of pyromorphite, vanadinite and mimetite," Spectrochimica Acta A: Molecular Spectroscopy, vol.
Whitcombe, "Organic acid-induced release of lead from pyromorphite and its relevance to reclamation of Pb-contaminated soils," Chemosphere, vol.
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They typically occur with other phosphates, including tsumebite and pyromorphite.
Imagine a pyromorphite specimen from China over 30 centimeters in diameter, covered with clusters of lime-green crystals without any damage.
Exploitation of lead ore veins around Badenweiler began during Roman times, and between about 1750 and final cessation of mining in 1926 many fine specimens of mimetite, pyromorphite, galena, cerussite, fluorite and other minerals emerged from the district.
Richard was particularly successful with opening a large pocket of pyromorphite in the Roughton Gill vein (now remembered fondly as "Barstow's Trench").
The pyromorphite, plumbogummite, hemimorphite and mimetite from the Caldbeck Fells were, and remain, among the finest the world has ever seen.
(1991) Famous mineral localities: pyromorphite group minerals from the Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England.
The receipt of a box of his minerals was acknowledged by Wright in May: he was "very much pleased with many of them." Wright's return box was dispatched in June and contained 110 specimens, including many supergene lead and copper minerals (pyromorphite, mimetite, linarite, caledonite, cerussite, etc.), barite, witherite, fluorite, and the Cornish rarity, fluellite.
Also with Chris Wright and with Wendy's Minerals ( were a few small-miniature specimens from a new find of plumbogummite with pyromorphite from the Daoping mine, Guilin, Guangxi--yes, this is the now-famous locality for the gorgeous pyromophite specimens commonly seen around the turn of the millennium but now not commonly seen (at least in world-class examples) at all.
Pyromorphite Bunker Hill Mine, Kellog, Idaho, 5 1/2" wide ex-collections K.
At the InnSuites, Jordi Fabre had about 50 specimens from an interesting new French find of pyromorphite. The specimens were collected in 2008 from an outcropping vein near an old lead mine; the collecting site is called Brezies, and the mine, called La Vidale, lies very near the village of Asprieres, in Aveyron Department.
It was on this rubble pile that he found a magnificent specimen of pyromorphite, a species that he immediately fell in love with; he decided to focus his efforts on acquiring a pyromorphite specimen from every known worldwide location.
The pyromorphite pictured on page 36 of the Marc Weill Collection supplement is a mid-19th century specimen from the Merkur mine, Bad Ems, Germany (not the Bunker Hill mine).