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a thermometer designed to measure high temperatures

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The functionality of such arrangement is further discussed in two-color pyrometry subsection.
infrared and visible radiation emitted by the target (total radiation pyrometry).
Heat Treatment Pyrometry: Meeting AMS 2750E and NADCAP Challenges (14-076)
We think it should be noted in this regard, especially at a youth level in general and not only on an under-15 level and single pyrometry, that many traumatic incidents that populate the youth activities, particularly the more structured one, perhaps is even the cause that does not allow the final structuring of young athletes as well as progressive educational proposals relating to the training load and the amount of it in addition to the total amount of the work; very often it's not taken in consideration that the work to be carried out in one year can be done even in just three months just to avoid the skeletal-muscular structures responsible for movement an unsuitable work which could lead to poor structuring of the latters that maybe in long terms may be the causes of traumas.
He covers the basic design of laboratory furnaces, temperature measurements, radiation pyrometry, refractory materials in the laboratory, vacuum in theory and practice, and high temperature furnaces and thermobalances.
Particle temperature determination is based on the two-color pyrometry, and in-flight particle velocities are measured from the length of the particle traces during known exposure times using a single high speed CCD camera [24].
Temperature uniformity surveys are also performed on ovens and furnaces according to AMS2750D pyrometry requirements.
Thermoelectric Infrared Sensors (Thermopiles) for Remote Temperature Measurements; Pyrometry. Whitepaper, PerkinElmer, July, 2000.
Measurement of temperature inside the drum-cooler, rotating at high speed, is the insoluble problem using devices of pyrometry, and the contact methods of measurement are also complicated.
The author then examines techniques related to heating, such as vacuum technology, pyrometry, and heat exchangers, as well as the advantages and disadvantage of different types of materials.
He took professional training in Pakistan Ordnance Factory (Wah) in Pyrometry Department, and in Pakistan Atomic Energy (PINSTECH) in X-Ray Radiography Department.
Two-color pyrometry is the most common technique used to determine particle and substrate temperatures, but incorrect calibration procedures can result in significant errors.
Applications for the ClearView include: metal organic chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, chemical beam epitaxy, pyrometry, and RHEED screen ports.
Infrared pyrometry is an example of a noninvasive temperature measurement.
This was especially true when optical pyrometry was used to scan the different surfaces of the roof sample and trends where established for heat transfer models.