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a thermometer designed to measure high temperatures

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Toward the end of fill, a fiber optic IR pyrometer (Omega OS 1562, Stamford, CT) is installed in place of an ejector pin, and a type N thermocouple (Primaus 4001 A) having an exposed junction.
Some pyrometer manufacturers do not recommend their instruments be used in cold weather, but with EDL's Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer you are guaranteed smooth functioning even in temperatures as low as -30[degrees] C.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Thermocouples and High End Optical Pyrometer Market by product Types, Applications (Automotive, Petrochemical, Consumer Utility, Glass, and Aerospace & Defense) and Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, RoW) - Analysis & Forecast to 2010 - 2020 The Thermocouples and Optical Pyrometers market report analyses the temperature sensor's ecosystem and key application markets that include: automotive, petrochemical, consumer utility, glass, aerospace & defense, and others.
The fires are moved near the outside entrances of the fireboxes and, after stoking, the pyrometer is watched closely.
The pyrometer measuring spot for the temperature recording is carried on behind the laser line.
It is made up of 23 laser-sintered components; for example, laser sintering using EOS technology created the system's material hopper, switch cover, and pyrometer elements.
In this way, due to shielding of arc by the mould, influence of plume on the pyrometer readings was excluded.
Optional features include an optical pyrometer to monitor product temperature, product break sensing to shift power down if the line brakes and an air nozzle kit to provide forced air inside the heating chamber to increase efficiencies in curing and drying.
In 2005, CA, NY, MA, and MT have taken the initiative a step further, introducing legislation that also prohibits the sale or distribution the following common hospital devices if they contain mercury: sphygmomanometer, barometer, esophageal dilator, bougie tube, gastrointestinal tube, flow meter, hydrometer, psychometer, manometer, and pyrometer.
One of the firms assisted was Industrial Pyrometer.
On the manual EZ Beader-S, a built-in pyrometer shows temperature.
The tools discussed will be an infrared pyrometer, a machinist level and a 100-foot steel tape measure.
The DCP is a simple and efficient pyrometer designed for use with both type K and J thermocouple sensors.
Each phase unit has a re-circulating convection system in which the temperature is regulated by a pyrometer that measures the exact temperature of the board, not the surrounding air.
One error source of is the use of the radiance temperature rather than the absolute temperature to calibrate the pyrometer.