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a thermometer designed to measure high temperatures

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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Hand Held Two Color Infrared Pyrometer With Low Temperature Measuring Accessories As Per Annexure-I
It features an optical pyrometer to control the temperature of the pre-heated film passing to the embossing rollers in a closed loop system.
The Dyna-Temp pyrometer with BET style sensor system is said to offer precision, speed and accuracy for instant temperature checks for industrial or laboratory applications.
The companies include Instrumentation Systems and Services of IIkley, M Squared Instrumentation of Southampton, Pyrometer Systems of Stockport, and Radir of Milton Keynes, all of which have previously sold Raytek non-contact fixed online temperature sensors and handheld thermometers for industrial applications in the UK.
Tenders invited for Non contract infrared pyrometer
Included are pyrometer, calibrators, controllers, etc.
The Acu-Probe compact temperature pyrometer is said to be the smallest, most rugged pyrometer for industrial temperature measurement applications.
Heater configurations include multi-zone modules, optical pyrometer site holes, closed-loop control, custom shapes and sizes, and protective self-cleaning faces.
Instrumentation: Temperature measuring devices, thermal line scanners, temperature controllers, recorders and transmitters, NLW-laser pyrometer to measure emissivity
The Pocket-Probe sealed pyrometer allows users to measure temperatures from -280 [degrees] to +2,000 [degrees] F/ [degrees] C equivalent under any adverse condition, according to the company.
An operator with a hand-held pyrometer can read temperature off the sheet and adjust the process parameters.
Temperature measurement is said to be easy, fast and accurate with an EZ-Probe portable pyrometer kit.