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Floral scent and intrafloral scent differentiation in Moneses and Pyrola (Pyrolaceae).
Arbutoideae (Arbutus) are the next to branch after Enkianthus, followed by Pyrola (representing Monotropoideae).
A different 3-base insertion is shared by Orthilia secunda and Pyrola picta.
It is noteworthy that tetrads also occur in Moneses and Pyrola (within Monotropoideae); the presence of tetrads in these taxa is most parsimoniously interpreted as a parallelism (Fig.
There are no pollination studies for the neotropical species of Pieris, nor for the species of Monotropoideae (Monotropa, Pterospora) or Pyroloideae (Chimaphila, Orthilia, Pyrola ), but their temperate counterparts are all entomophilous, and this is probably true in neotropical members as well.
Subfamily Arbutoideae Arbutus 10/5 Arctostaphylos 60/2 Comarostaphylis (a,b) 10/10 Subfamily Monotropoideae Monotropa 2/2 Pterospora 1/1 Subfamily Pyroloide Chimaphila 5/2 Orthilia 1/1 Pyrola 20-30/1 Subfamily Rhododendroidcae (c) Bejaria (a,d) 15/14 Kalmia 7/1 Ledothamms (a) 7/7 Subfamily Vaccinioideae Tribe Gaultherieae Gaultheria 115/37 Pernettya 14/4 Tepuia (a) 7/7 Tribe Lyonieae Agarista (a) 31/29 Lyonia 36/27 Pieris 7/1 Tribe Vaccinieae Anthopteropsis (a) 1/1 Anthopterus (a) 12/12 Cavendishia (a) 130/130 Ceratostema (a) 35/35 Demosthenesia (a) 9/9 Didonica (a) 4/4 Diogenesia (a) 13/13 Disterigma (a) 40/40 Gaylussacia 50/42 Gonocalyx (a) 10/10 Lateropora (a) 3/3 Macleania (a) 40/40 Mycerinus (a) 3/3 Notopora (a) 5/5 Oreathes (a) 7/7 Orthaea (a) (incl.
But in a few taxa-for example, Gleditsia triacanthos (Tucker, 1991); species of Clethra, Juglans, Digitalis, Convallaria, Campanula, and Pyrola (Eames, 1961 )--racemes usually have a terminal flower, whereas others in some of the same genera (G.