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the act of producing drawings on wood or leather by using heated tools or a fine flame

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Pyrography is also applied to leather items, using the same hot-iron technique.
She is responsible for creating items out of wood, sewing, knitting, felting and pyrography techniques.
Broadway, has a show of pyrography, a process that burns lines and shadows onto a material, by Heidi Good.
A typical example is the following passage from "Pyrography":
Pastel, oil, watercolour, airbrushing, etching, sculpture, print making, encaustic, mosaics, ceramics and even pyrography (the art of burning images into wood) all made an appearance last year, and the organisers are hoping to showcase an even wider variety this time round.
Encompassing paintings, pyrography on wood, ceramics, and archival material, the display includes pieces from as early as 1959--when Shemza was a student at London's Slade School of Fine Art--along with those he made after moving in 1962 to Stafford, UK, where he lived until his death in 1985.
Mubashir Iqbal was another self taught artist, whose favorite mediums are water colour and pyrography. He has done many solo and group exhibitions in different galleries.
Picasso's Guernica artwork "This is tattooed on to antique escritoire using pyrography. It's possibly the most internationally acclaimed masterpiece by the father of modern art and fellow Andalusian Spaniard Pablo Picasso.
The display in the main gallery includes work by artists who engrave on glass, who use line to create structure or pattern and artists using pyrography, in this instance using hot glass to draw on paper.
Pascual said it took Cabiluna two weeks to finish the portrait, which was created through pyrography or the art of wood burning.
Exhibitors of all skill levels will showcase wood carving, turning, scroll work, fine woodworking, gourd art and pyrography at the three-day show, he added.
Art workshop, Pyrography: The Art of Wood Burning, 10am and 2pm, minimum age 15 years, free.
At the other end of the isle, an artist from Baghdad uses sheep or cow leather as his canvass in outlining images usiing pyrography. The walls of his shop are adorned with charcoal painted-like portraits, animals, scenery and other picttures.
Irish's ART & CRAFT OF PYROGRAPHY: DRAWING WITH FIRE ON LEATHER GOURDS, CLOTH, PAPER, AND WOOD (9781565234789, $19.95) provides crafters with a fine collection of tips and techniques on detailed pyrography crafts usage, and includes a range of media and tips on shading, using color, working with different mediums, and producing texture and specific results.
There are also free Make & Take sessions featuring beadwork and jewellery making, stamping and papercraft, embossing and pyrography and marbling.Tickets start from PS9, and are available from or call 01425 277988.