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relating to or exhibiting pyroelectricity

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Physicists and materials scientists from Europe, North America, and Thailand review the current state of harvesting energy using piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials in a manner intended to inform students, researchers, and engineers working in energy conservation or renewable energy.
1996, 1997a, 1997b, 1998, 2000) developed a people-counting system that consists of a one-dimensional eight-element array detector made from pyroelectric PbTiO3 ceramics, an infrared (IR) transparent spherical lens and a cylindrical mechanical chopper.
Earlier reports have shown that the [alpha]- phase comprises helical structure with chain conformation- trans-gauche-transgauche' (TGTG') is inactive with respect to piezo- and pyroelectric properties, while [beta]- phase posses all-trans planar zigzag conformation exhibits the most activity, and hence become the focus for various transducers applications.
The body heat radiated by the animal was detected with the sensor head of the monitor, which contained paired infrared pyroelectric detectors.
The report also includes a section that provides detailed discussions of 22 end uses, including electromechanical products, printed circuit boards, encapsulation, conformal and other dielectric coatings, optical fiber and cable (fiber optics), base films for magnetic recording media, polymers in laser-recorded media, conductive elastomeric connectors, and piezoelectric and pyroelectric films.
The SME-200 utilizes a special mechanism for pyroelectric wafers
They have been used as components in various types of semiconductors, pyroelectric devices and photocopiers.
For years, security and law enforcement professionals have had access to scanning IR systems and pyroelectric vidicon.
In addition to having prodigious piezoelectric ability, PVDF is in the major leagues of pyroelectric materials, which respond to heat by establishing a voltage across their surfaces.
Printed resistive sensors are considered, as is the role of printed films in capacitive, piezoelectric and pyroelectric sensors, mechanical micro-systems and gas sensors.
The different IR detector technologies detailed include mercury cadmium telluride (MCT), InGaAs, pyroelectric, thermopiles, and microbolometers.
The report also analysis market based on technology: Thermopile, Pyroelectric, Microbolometers, InGaAs and MCT.
Implementing agency : Gyeongsangnam-do Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education Pearl Education Support Agency pyroelectric Elementary School
The P(VDFTrFE) copolymer has been used for applications such as microlens in electrical devices [10], pyroelectric sensors [14], acoustic sensors [15], and energy harvesting [16].
Intensity is converted to heat that is then sensed by a thin membrane of pyroelectric film, which generates a voltage output dependant on the temperature rise.