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any of various metallic-looking sulfides (of which pyrite is the commonest)

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Furthermore, mine supplies of iron ore, manganese ore, copper, nickel, gold, silver and pyrite are at lower levels than demand.
The method of extraction will involve biological leaching to dissolve the metals from the pyrites, followed by solvent extraction and electrowinning.
I say to myself, "This is my kind of store," as I gawk at its pyrites, its calcites, and its bounty of baubulous delights.
Looking for iron pyrites will get in the way of actually finding gold, and iron pyrites are valued only because it is believed they am gold.
Of the region inland of Amphipolis Cetriporis was once the master; for there are references to hawking in the marshy land of his one-time kingdom, probably by the shallow Lake Prasias.(11) There are rich deposits of silver (and also of lead, gold and iron pyrites) at Akhladhokhori in the territory of the Odomantes, east of the Rupel Pass.(12) The silver of the coinage which Cetriporis issued came no doubt from those mines.
In certain circumstances people will treat iron pyrites (fool's gold) indistinguishably from gold.
The project once completed, should yield 16,000 tonnes of copper 1.5 tonnes of gold, 2.75 tonnes of silver, 359 tonnes of molybdenum in addition to pyrites and sulphuric acid.
* Construction of the Pyrites plant (phase II) in the Fresnillo district remains on track and on budget, with commissioning expected in the second half of 2020.
Iron ores and concentrates including roasted iron pyrites; maize; meat of bovine animals; artificial Corundum, aluminium oxide and aluminium hydroxide; cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose in solid form; meat and edible offal of both fresh and frozen poultry; and motor cars and other passenger transport vehicles are among the most exported Brazilian items to Arab countries in 2018.
Han, "Gold-bearing characteristics of arsenian pyrites and arsenopyrites in the bojitian carlin-type gold deposits, Southwestern Guizhou province Southwest China," Geological Journal of China Universities, vol.
* Construction of the pyrites plant (phase II) at Fresnillo continued to progress, with commissioning expected by the end of 2020.
Construction of the Pyrites plant near the Fresnillo mine is also on track.
ContiClean is applicable to applications that convey sticky materials such as titanium dioxide, iron pyrites, silica, compost, de-sulphurised gypsum as well as potash, salt, coal and aggregate.
The leading exported products were meat and edible offal; iron ores and concentrates, including roasted iron pyrites; cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form; aircrafts (helicopters and airplanes), spacecrafts ( satellites), and suborbital and spacecraft launch vehicles; corn; turbo-jets, turbo-propellers and other gas turbines; and tubes, pipes, and hollow profiles, seamless, of iron (other than cast iron) or steel.