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any of various metallic-looking sulfides (of which pyrite is the commonest)

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The elevated concentration of Fe could indicate its natural abundance in earth crust because Fe naturally exists in the form of minerals and ores such as Hematite, Goethite, pyrite and feldspar in excess which can dissolve into water sources.
Role of euxinic conditions in adsorbing Arsenic and Trace elements in organic matter and pyrites preserved in the Lockatong Formation of the Newark basin: Implication to the quality of groundwater.
The tailings flowing from the sluices are in some cases passed over rough blankets, or through buddies or vanners, in order to concentrate and save the heavy particles of either amalgam or pyrites.
Among network rod-shaped nanobacteria is very common the presence of framboidal pyrite.
The morphological differences between pyrites from apicum and mangrove soils (Fig.
A lump of biological indicators as algae, framboids, disseminated pyrites, rhizolithes, rhizocretions, calcimicrobes, and filamentous bodies argue for deposition in reducing environment and extensive anoxia lead to biodegradation of organic matter.
The reject consists of oversized shale partings, carbonaceous shale and bone, pyrites, sandstone rock, mine timbers, hand-held drill bits, pick heads and shovels, pieces of rail used to move the horse drawn coal cars in the mine, and any other debris left in the hand-dug deep mines.
Natural resources: Coal, lignite, iron ore, uranium, mercury, pyrites, fluorspar, gypsum, zinc, lead, tungsten, copper, kaolin, hydroelectric power.
We need all the help we can get to sift the mountain of iron pyrites to find just a little pure gold.
Results from various studies suggest that the entire mangrove swamp of the Gulf of Guinea contains pyrites, with a heavy presence in the Niger Delta region [1-5].
The fact that the sample was readily soluble in HCl, while pyrites are not, obviated this.
When it reaches 46 degrees centigrade some days, the mirror glint of pyrites burns your soul and you fear conflagration.
Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) results when atmospheric oxygen penetrates rock and oxidizes pyrites (ferric sulfides), to form sulfuric acid, which then etches the rock and liberates iron salts.
anglesites, cerussites and wulfenites from Phoenixville, the pyrites and chalcopyrites from French Creek, the rutile from Parkesburg, such as the apatite-(CaF) from Cornog--while others are quite surprising, even to this Pennsylvania native, e.
Cd was detected in sphalerite and Cd-Zn-sulfide, Ni in pentlandite, and traces of Ni, Cu, Zn, V, and Cr in pyrites [9, 10].