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any of various metallic-looking sulfides (of which pyrite is the commonest)

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Kasese has 922,000 wet tonnes of pyrite concentrate grading, 1.
These pressure vessels carry out oxidation of sulphide minerals such as pyrites with high-purity oxygen at 230[degrees]C and 40 bar to liberate submicron-sized gold.
Ammonium sulfate has been found to be superior to G and pyrites in its direct, residual and cumulative effects on the oilseed crops [30].
20am, a cutter struck pyrites, igniting firedamp and causing the massive explosion which brought down 120 yards of roof.
Between these clusters of mock diamonds, and sticking to them promiscuously, there are often lead ore, black jack, pyrites, or sulfur, and spar, shot also into prismatic, cubic or other figures; and besides these clusters of grotesque figures, which grow out of ne another, and are, as it were, piled upon one another, the whole inside of the cavern is, sometimes, most magnificently adorned with the most wildly grotesque figures which grow upon, and branch out of, one another, in a manner not to be described, and with all the gay and splendid colors of the polished gold, of the rainbow, and of the peacock's tail; and all these blended together, and the masses reflecting all the beauty of such an assemblage of gaudy colors.
As proved by the previous results, leaching of mineral matter with HCl caused a slight decrease in conversion to volatile hydrocarbons but the removal of pyrites with HN[O.
Natural resources: copper, pyrites, asbestos, gypsum, timber, salt, marble, clay earth pigment.
Detailed SEM examination of these samples revealed highly weathered framboidal particles with morphology similar to that of pyrites (Fig.
QUESTION: By what more common name is iron pyrites better known?
Lloyd took maidens on Cherry Alley and Iron Pyrites, while Price won a restricted on 20-1 shot The Rural Dean and a maiden with one of his own breeding, Its A Handfull.
4 g/t Au) comprises pyrites with gold disseminated in metasediments.
Located hear Hebburn station, the works opened in the 1860s, recovered copper from pyrites which had been burned to extract sulphur, and employed more than 450 men.
Natural resources: Petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, titanium, pyrites, nickel, fish, timber, hydropower
Although most pyrites are microscopic in size, some reach 1.
Marcasite - a facetted form of iron pyrites or fool's gold - has been popular in jewellery from Georgian times to the present for the inexpensive glitter it provides.