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a common mineral (iron disulfide) that has a pale yellow color

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Fresh granite cut by quartz veins with accompanying coarse-grained pyrite
Leonard has already spent [euro]10,000 on repairs and has been told it will cost [euro]90,000 to remove pyrite.
Accessory minerals representing less than 5 wt.% of the rock were dolomite, ankerite, siderite, pyrite, and gypsum.
To complete this project, sulfur isotope analysis of pyrite, As and other trace element analyses of black shale, pyrite, and bitumen, and Rock-Eval analyses of black shale were performed.
The ranges of Fe isotope compositions of chalcopyrite, pyrite, and sphalerite (Figure 2) are from -0.47[per thousand] to 0.35[per thousand], -2.14[per thousand] to -0.06[per thousand], and -1.08[per thousand] to -0.44[per thousand], respectively, with average [delta][sup.56]Fe values of -0.12 [+ or -] 0.24[per thousand] (n = 22), -1.18 [+ or -] 0.53[per thousand] (n = 48), and -0.82 [+ or -] 0.19[per thousand] (n = 22), respectively.
Polyacrylamide polymers (PAMs) with different functional groups exhibited depressing ability for ferrous sulfide minerals such as pyrite [4].
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: eyot; pert; piety; pity; poet; poetry; port; porter; property; PROPRIETY; pyrite; report; repot; retro; retry; riot; rioter; rite; rorty; rote; roti; ryot; terry; tier; tipper; tippy; tire; tope; toper; topi; topper; tore; torr; trey; trier; trio; trip; tripe; tripper; trippy; trope; troy; type; typo; tyre; tyro; yeti.
THOUSANDS of broke families are being forced to fork out up to [euro]3,000 to prove their homes are riddled with destructive pyrite, the Irish Sunday Mirror can reveal.
Among specific topics are microbial ecology in extreme acidic pit lakes of the Aberian Pyrite Belt in southwestern Spain, galactose as an inducer of the production of extracellular polymeric substances by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, evidence for widespread dissimilatory hydrogen metabolism among acidophilic bacteria, immobilizing new isolated iron oxidizing bacteria on natural carriers, and the influence of pyrite on the galvanic assisted leaching of chalcocite concentrates.
The same is true for the structure of the mineral pyrite, otherwise known as 'Tool's gold." The structure of this mineral at the atomic-scale is cubic.
Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech said it will defer any further work on the second stage of the Pyrite Treatment project in Bulgaria after results showed that it will not be commercially viable under current market conditions.
The spheres, covered in pyrite, or fool's gold, are interesting on their own but the fact that they were found deliberately buried under a pyramid in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, once the most populated city in the world, has led some to call it an "unprecedented discovery."
Compared to the conventional physical and chemical desulfurization method, biodesulfurization can selectively oxidize organic sulfur and inorganic sulfur in coal and even remove the finely disseminated pyrite in coal matrix [6, 7].