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Unfortunately, this surgical technique seems to be associated with inconsistent long-term results, mainly involving recurrence of the collapse laterally and a depression at the level of the pyriform aperture, likely due to weak lateral support.
Seven general types of silk glands were identified: aciniform, aggregate, flagelliform, major ampullate, minor ampullate, pyriform, and tubuliform (Fig.1).
Up to 92% of cases of AST are found in children and young adults, and the majority of these have anatomical variants, such as congenital pyriform sinus fistula and a remnant third or fourth brachial fistula [3].
AST is most commonly encountered in the pediatric and adolescent populations, usually in those with congenital anomalies such as a pyriform sinus fistula [5, 6].
Fiber optic laryngoscopic examination showed fullness and inflamed pyriform fossa bilaterally with inflamed arytenoids and aryepiglottis.
In neonates, pyriform sinus fistula (PSF) is sometimes referred to as a pyriform sinus cyst, which may cause stridor and respiratory compromise [2].
The 3-D computed tomography (CT) examination showed that the body of the maxilla on right side along with lateral border of pyriform aperture and medial infraorbital margin was missing (Figures 2 and 3).
Pyriform guttering: In this manoeuvre bone is removed from the pyriform rim to minimize the anterior or superior displacement of alar and perialar soft tissues.
Direct laryngoscopy revealed a 2 cm submucosal mass in the left pyriform sinus.
In fact, when glossectomy is combined with anterior mandible resection and/or removal of these muscles, the patient loses the ability to pull the hyoid and the larynx up and forward to open the upper esophageal sphincter leading to pharyngeal dysphagia and food remaining in the pyriform sinus and in the pharynx [19, 33] (Figure 1(b)).
The classified cross-sectional shapes in relation to the location of the screw with the maximum diameter were named as obpyriform, pyriform, and ellipse according to the characteristics of each segregated group (Figure 4).
Moreover, Shaker exercise also improves both infrahyoid and suprahyoid muscular activity and reduces pyriform sinus residue and backflow aspiration [1,2].
The DNA template of a clear positive sample microscopically showing the characteristic pyriform and single amoebic form of Babesia sp.
Here, we describe a case of dendritic fibromyxolipoma of the pyriform sinus, with review of the literature.