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Synonyms for pyretic

being at a higher temperature than is normal or desirable

Antonyms for pyretic

causing fever


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EDTA-treated blood samples and nasal swab samples from 49 and 48 pyretic horses, respectively, were collected during September 25-November 2.
He was plethoric with tachycardia (116 bpm), hypertensive (136/92 mmHg) and pyretic (38[degrees]C).
Mortality was, infact, more from other diseases (Pneumonia, pyretic fever) followed by FMD.
Paracetamol is the least toxic of all anti- pyretic medications ( these include Voveron and Combiflam) and is easier for the compromised system to absorb.
1986a, "A model of oxidation in pyretic mine wastes: part 1: Equations and approximate solution, Applied Mathematical Modeling," 10(5), pp.