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of or relating to or exhibiting pyknosis


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Nuclei of the Schwann cells were moderately heterochromatic and pyknotic. TEM revealed almost normal ultrastructural architecture of the myelin sheaths of the axons.
Epilepsy induced by PTZ affected the hippocampal area as many of the neurons in this area became flattened with pyknotic nuclei, although there was no reduction in their number (Fig 8B) if compared with normal control section (Fig.
Some of their nuclei were pyknotic. Other significant sings of apoptosis in pre-ovulatory oocytes were theca and granulosa disruption and vesicle formation.
Nevertheless, some vacuolization and pyknotic nuclei were observed.
Similarly, a loss of cristae and swelling of mitochondrion, shrunken cell structure, secondary lysosome formation, chromatin condensation and pyknotic nuclei were detected as ultrastructural changes after exposure to vanadyl sulphate for 24 hours.
Sinusoids narrowing resulted due to hepatocytomegally, while eosinophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies were observed in hepatocytes and pyknotic nuclei with degenerating hepatic cells (Plate 2).
Pyknotic nuclei and anucleated cells were only seen in the most severe dry eye.
Note the shrunken cell bodies, hypereosinophilic cytoplasm, and pyknotic nucleus, compatible with acidophil bodies.
These damaged granule cells were initially identified under regular light, with their pyknotic nuclei and eosinophilic cytoplasm, and then confirmed under UV light by their fluorescent yellow cytoplasm.
In addition, we observed under optical microscope that the goblet cells appeared to be clustered and sometimes clotted in mucine clusters associated with the presence of metaplasic cellular specimens with some pyknotic nuclei [22] (Figure 8).
Solid black arrows: necrotic myofibers with pale and homogenous sarcoplasm and pyknotic nuclei; solid white arrows: regenerating myofibers with a small diameter and vesicular central nuclei; and hollow black arrows: centronucleated myofibers.
Zimmermann observed the presence of oncocytes in the sublingual gland and referred to these cells as "pyknocytes" alluding to their condensed nuclear chromatin or pyknotic nuclei [1].
The presence of cells with pyknotic nuclei and hepatocytes with perinuclear eosinophilic material, giving origin to Mallory's corpuscles, was observed as well as deposition of hyaline material obliterating veins and sinusoids (Figure 4).