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of or relating to or exhibiting pyknosis


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Neutrophil Changes Erythrocyte Changes Cytoplasmic vacuoles Crenated (burr cells, echinocytes) Loss of granulations Spherocytes Elongated nuclei Elongated (elliptocytes) (loss of segmentation) Undefined chromatin Schistocytes (fragments) (appear liquefied) Pyknotic nuclei (necrobiotic) Hypochromic Cytoplasm rupture Smudge (basket) cells
The most characteristic progestin-associated change is the appearance of myocytes with pyknotic nuclei and abundant deeply eosinophilic cytoplasm adjacent to the necrotic areas.
The nuclear changes were observed in centrilobular hepatocytes and single cell necrosis with pyknotic cells leading to gross necrosis of the entire centrilobular areas.
The medial prefrontal cortex of the 156 mg/kg Allium sativum group shows hypertrophy and hyperplasia of cells with pyknotic and karyorrhectic (arrow heads) appearance of the nuclei.
Since the cells do not face death, therefore, darkly staining pyknotic nuclei are not made out.
Cell clusters were detected in scattered regions of the gland with pyknotic nuclei (Fig.
Besides, the study provided the analysis of pathological changes in neurons of the hippocampal CA1 region such as the presence of pyknotic hyperchromic neurons, shadow cells, neurons with focal hyperchromia of perikaryon, neuronal disaggregation, and partial destruction of the cellular layer.
Antennal gland: showed alterations such as atrophy of antennal gland tubule, pyknotic nuclei, haemocytic infiltration and hemolymph were observed (FIG.
Haematoxylin and eosin stained sections revealed ballooned hepatocytes having vesicular appearance with pyknotic nuclei in high-fat group which were preserved to a great extent in group C animals.
Radhaiah and Rao (1992) reported hepatocyte degeneration, ruptured blood vessels, vacuoles formation, and pyknotic nuclei in liver of Tilapia mossambica exposed to the insecticide, fenvalerate.
In addition, ultra structure observation of embryo cells showed that serious damage occurred in seeds with 16% moisture content, including the broken cellular and nuclear membrane, pyknotic nucleolus and swollen mitochondria.
6) Apoptotic bodies which typically appear as tiny, round and pyknotic nuclear fragments are seen scattered amongst the tumor cells and occasionally forming small clusters were also identified.
Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained sections were studied under a light microscope (400x) in order to evaluate the presence of necrosis and neuronal deficits such as acidophilic and triangular shaped neurons, condensed and pyknotic nuclei, and vacuolization.
b) STZ-induced DM group showing myocardial disarray, marked vacuolar degeneration of the cardiomyocytes (V), fragmentation of the nuclei of cardiomyocytes (arrow) and pyknotic changes of the nuclei (arrow head), congested blood vessels (C), and discontinuation of the vessel wall (dashed arrow) with the presence of subendocardial thickening (double arrow).
In Cd treated groups, some pyknotic and degenerated Purkinje cells were observed and some were more spindle-shaped and small.