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100 pyas equal 1 kyat in Myanmar

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While PYA also has to answer to the "tyranny of the title" to some degree, their business model gives them more freedom in curating the catalog than another licensor might have.
En este submodelo se pueden ver dos de los parametros que tendra que definir el tomador de decisiones: la fraccion maxima de inversion, que se refiere al porcentaje maximo del efectivo disponible que se estaria dispuesto a reinvertir en el sistema, teniendo en cuenta que la inversion en PyA tiene prioridad sobre la inversion en Buses; y el porcentaje de utilizacion esperada del MIO, que es el criterio de decision de compra de los buses.
Every experience takes its own shape,'' said Pya Kochhar, a StoryCorps facilitator who monitors the recordings and is prepared to add prompting questions if the participants need a nudge.
Wouldn't Omaha be a great place to hold the 2004 PYA National Convention?
The LPA, MA, and PYA methods are slightly more complicated to apply than MAPV.
Foodservice and Sara Lee's PYA Monarch, or McLane Co.
Clients energetically using what REBT calls PYA (push your ass) to really help themselves and others significantly change may well be what is required in practically all effective counseling.
Sysco dominates the national scene followed at a distance by Rykoff-Sexton, Alliant and PYA Monarch, the only other true large broad-line players, while the balance of the industry is served by smaller, more localized companies often more or less united under the banner of cooperative buying groups.
It will be used by PYA to expand integrated youth development services to Williams Preparatory, an Uplift Education Charter School.
Ranked by Modern Healthcare as the nation's 10th largest privately held healthcare consulting firm, PYA serves clients in 48 states from offices in Atlanta, Kansas City, Knoxville, Nashville, and Tampa Bay.
Air Force veteran and Mid-South PyA president, came to Stuttgart from Decatur, Ala.
A je mi neh eh na, nga-eu k'a ba-a ba mui-aw, nga-eu k'a beh k'aw yaw pya ma leh, eh neh-eu meh.
For police pistols, the Russians have the Yarygin PYa Grach chambered for the 9x19-mm Parabellum round and looks like a variant of the 9-mm Czech-made CZ SPO1.