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Synonyms for puzzler

anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret

Synonyms for puzzler

a particularly baffling problem that is said to have a correct solution

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With the puzzler resembling one of those many Bejewellike games and a platform dimension that's full of entertaining twists, this is defi- nitely a must-have for gamers who love a challenge.
But do you know Where in the North today's photo puzzler, right, is?
My colleague and I use AACN's "9 features" (those that appear in the ECG Puzzler column) in a basic ECG course we teach to nurses working in the intensive care and telehealth units in our hospital.
Moon Strike bucked a trend when winning at the age of seven last year (all other winners had been younger), so he cannot be recommended now he has reached the age of eight, while The Puzzler is seven and has shown his best form on soft ground.
In spite of the ample portions of gin, guns, and gore served up in such stories, murder mysteries are actually a good deal more than mere thrillers or puzzlers.
Namco Brings the Classic Action Puzzler to the App Store
99 In these times of austerity, who's going to turn their nose up at the prospect of two full games for the price of one - particularly if you're a Match-3 puzzler fan?
Super-slick presentation from the off - with a fake phone call ringing through to your iPhone - sets the tone for an extremely well-polished puzzler.
Developers Southend Interactive have done an exceptional job with this puzzler - so simple and yet somehow, so rewarding.
gt;Denki Blocks It's previously been on the Gameboy Advance, but wonderful puzzler Denki Blocks has been released on iPhone.
From a rhythmic sprint race to a Jenga-like puzzler, a few minutes with the five games on offer here can easily melt away into hours.
It's a puzzler from the old-school stable of Tetris & Co.
TITLE: Puzzler Collection PLATFORM: Nintendo DS PRICE: pounds 19.
YESTERDAY'S picture puzzler, left, and seen in more detail below, was taken on the sea front in Cullercoats, North Tyneside.
I propose that we add a third puzzler for bored drivers - the Ricoh Gyratory System and call it the Magic Roundabout because you need a touch of magic to get round it safely and in the correct lane.