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a dough-like mixture of whiting and boiled linseed oil

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apply putty in order to fix or fill

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The South Africa white cement-based wall putty market reached a volume of 7,585 Tons in 2018.
[13] Caputi and Varvara (2008) stated that putty elastic recovery occurred when the impression was taken out, it would pulled wash material which can lead to increase the inter-abutment distances.
said both manufacturers had disagreed with its categorisation of their products as slime and argue that their products are actually putty and therefore pass the EU standard.
Fun foam, made by Zuru Oosh and sold by Argos, is classified as putty. With a level of 1700mg/kg, it also failed the testing, as it exceeded the 1200mg/kg limit.
said the manufacturer disagreed with its categorisation of the toy as slime and said it was actually putty - and therefore passed the EU standard.
According to the group, the stress reliever toy is made up of a putty substance and a small cube magnet that can be stretched, torn, bounced, or squeezed.
Stephen Tolhurst MD of the Texas Back Institute commented, "FIBERGRAFT BG Putty is backed by great science and pre-clinical results.
Apparently, Hatcher isn't the only one from the cast who has received Silly Putty from Smith.
According to the company, PentOS OI Putty will be available to oral and maxillofacial surgery customers and will be joined by three additional PentOS OI products that are expected to launch in the coming months: PentOS OI Flex, PentOS OI Sponge and PentOS OI Fill.
If the mosaic band is glass tile or thin mosaic, he flattens this layer of thin-set with a flat putty knife.
The company said OsteoSelect PLUS is a next-generation DBM putty that is comprised of OsteoSelect Putty and demineralized cortical chips.
Instead, GE executives began taking their "nutty putty" to cocktail parties, where it amused the smart set.
What to sell: wood putty, putty knife, sandpaper, exterior primer, exterior paint, cabinet knobs, hooks and shelving.
Objective: To determine the relative success of two different bone grafting material - putty and powder forms of De-mineralised Bone Matrix (DBM) - used in sinus lift procedure.
BioReady DBM Putty and Putty with Chips is a ready-to-use, 100% allograft DBM solution.