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a dough-like mixture of whiting and boiled linseed oil

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apply putty in order to fix or fill

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To use with a putty stick, simply rub it on the nick until the cavity is filled; smooth it by rubbing with a soft cloth.
BioReady DBM Putty is sterilized through the Cancelle SP Demineralization Process.
I prefer to use magic putty with children sitting in a circle, so that everyone can see each other.
Ferrari's organization is the lead on the project, which late last year took a giant step forward when the putty was used to re-grow broken tibias in four sheep.
Use a putty knife to smooth it off (dipping the knife in water will make it easier to use) and form neat joins at the corners.
Remove surplus putty from the other side of the glass with a putty knife.
6 Remove excess putty with the tip of the putty knife.
Appropriate for single and dual stage implants, the putty form goes directly from package to placement to deliver unprecedented ease-of-handling without compromising the quality of the outcome.
2 FILL any gaps around the glass before you paint the window, using a multi-purpose putty, then smooth in with the edge of the chisel knife.
The wall putty allows DIYers to fill holes and blemishes with instant results without sanding or repainting necessary.
Also high-volume Big Willie polyester putty dispensers and high-viscosity adhesive dispensing.
To achieve that look, putty will be applied to the casting surface to fill any blemishes and pinholes.
There's also PPE gloves and goggles, as well as PIG Multi-Purpose Repair Putty and disposal bags.
twirling a circlet on a string to make a thaumatrope and blending glue and starch into silly putty.
Who needs around a quarter of a day's bad fat that will end up as Silly Putty in your arteries?