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Synonyms for putt

hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter

strike (a golf ball) lightly, with a putter

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hit a putt

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I don't know how many putts I will hit before teeing off on Thursday - hundreds and hundreds.
The margin between winning and losing is small and the key for me to get over the hurdle there and be lifting silverware is making more putts.
Go round a hole on a practice green mixing up the distances of your putts from anywhere between eight and 12 feet and score each putt as follows: 2 points: in the hole 0 points: missed passed the hole -1 point: missed short -3 points: a three putt.
The aim of the current study was to investigate the duration of pre-putt routines of highly skilled golfers and the accuracy of putts.
As you have had time to practice your stroke, the focus this week is reading the line of a putt.
The colorized images show a sandy-haired 30-year-old wearing shades of dark gray on top of brown shoes stroking the putt left to right across the video screen.
When the pressure is on, a tricky three to four-foot putt is probably one of the most unnerving shots in golf.
Norman: driver, six iron missed green, two putts from 95ft.
The general rule is that if a putt looks level but there are slopes around the green that fall from left to right, then the putt will break that way too.
Greens in regulation and putts per round emerged as the two chief determinants of scoring average, accounting for 93% of the overall score: greens, 53.
The two golfers tied for third in Putts per Round with 28, and the victor was 12th in Putts per Greens in Regulation at 1.
This is especially effective on short putts and will help you gain a better stroke while also giving improved distance control.
JUSTIN ROSE nailed two magical birdie putts on the last two holes to beat Phil Mickelson - after needing two shots to get out of a bunker at the 15th.
Remember, we're not really that interested in the overall putts per round, but need more detailed information to gain a proper analysis.