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Synonyms for putt

hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter

strike (a golf ball) lightly, with a putter

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hit a putt

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Here are a few pointers and practice drills to help you feel more at ease over a short putt and hole out more often:
Pupils can take advantage of the teaching aids including computer equipment that helps in lining up putts and the correct roll."
Gazing at the green, you prepare for the first putt. For good aim, you visualize a path from your ball down the fairway's middle.
He birdied both the sixth and seventh holes with 15-foot putts and made the turn at 10-under par for the tournament.
Hung and his colleagues tested seven right-handed novice golfers as they putted from 3 and 9 feet.
"When you sink a putt, you carry a positive feeling with you to the next hole, whereas missed putts will place extra pressure on the rest of your game."
By focusing on the pace of your putts and making that vital element more consistent, an added bonus will be an improvement in your green reading.
"I hit better than yesterday (Tuesday) but the putts didn't fall in.
"From tee to green I played really well but I had 40 putts today and four-putted the last, which is nice.
WHEN pupils ask me how they can lower their scores, one of the first things I ask them is: How many putts did you take in your last round?
He putted for eagle three times on the front side, missing all three, taking 17 putts to Mickelson's 11.
2 Hit your putts at a ball marker, not at a hole, to start with.
GOLFERS are inclined to exaggerate about the length of the putts they hole - and even more the ones they miss.
The European Tour player had two putts from only 10 feet for easily the biggest triumph of his life.