putting iron

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the iron normally used on the putting green


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That win came from a mark of 145, and the handicapper has reacted by putting Iron Man up to a new perch of 154.
A church is beefing up security by putting iron gates at its entrance.
Next they would be putting iron bars on stable doors across the country.
Prison officials force-feed raw eggs to Paul and the others by putting iron gags into their mouths and forcing tubes down their throats.
Ultimately, it is this mindset that we seek to develop among all airmen, whether they are in the business of putting iron on the enemy of supporting those who do.
was analyzing aftershocks while keeping the temperature of the blast furnace unchanged at its iron mill in Muroran without putting iron ore into it.
PLACING mirrors into outer space and putting iron filings into oceans are some of the schemes being considered to tackle global warming.
An Algerian extremist has confessed to putting iron rails across the track.