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It's important to make sure we are putting behind as much as we can to get a good number.
LaFontsee anticipates that the company will be "completely solven" in another two years, putting behind it forever the fiscal difficulties that arose from an ill-fated joint venture with Pennsylvania Ballet from 1987 to 1989.
Netopia believes that these settlements are an important step in putting behind us the events related to the restatement of financial statements for prior years.
Pumped his legs like mighty pistons, putting behind him the falls and near- falls, the dehydration and disappointment in the mountains, the asphalt that melted in the heat and grew treacherous in the rain.
We are very excited about the level of dedication, resources, focus, and widespread support the people at NVIDIA are putting behind our platforms," said Ned Finkle, director of AMD's Infrastructure Technology Development Group.