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a strip of cloth wound around the leg to form legging

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The result of these multiple vantage points is that A Blue Puttee at War is neither purely an eye witness account nor a detached historical judgment.
We had to face high velocity winds and freezing temperatures during the climb," said Puttee.
Dubai-based Dinesh Puttee, from South Africa, Michael Kasch, from Germany, Jeroen Heinswere, from the Netherlands and his wife Sharon, from the UK joined Robson on the mission.
The Dvorak keyboard is not so well-endowed here, yielding only the six-letter SLEEPY, PUTTEE, PURREE, SLEEKY, and KISSEE.
No matter what you use, it's the puttee, not the putter.
Prince, "The Canadian Political Landscape of Disability: Policy Perspectives, Social Status, Interest Groups and the Rights Movements" in Alan Puttee, ed.
In large part this is due to its deep historical roots in Winnipeg's working class, reaching as far back as 1900 when Independent Labour Party candidate Arthur Puttee was elected to represent the riding of Winnipeg in Parliament.
Many "moderate" labour leaders, such as Arthur Puttee, lost all credibility and support from workers for denouncing the general strike as a Wobbly tactic, and the SPC leadership was well aware that they needed to "keep up" with the rank-and-file or risk being left behind.
Alcott almost connected with an Arleta free-kick bandsman shot wide before the break but it was after the interval that the visitors took complete command, Arteta striking another free-kick over the crossbar before the double salvo puttee game beyond doubt.
Arthur Puttee, editor of the Manitoba labour newspaper, The Voice, was a member of the Manitoba Alliance board in 1902.
Tambien, las innovaciones en materia de politicas sociales muchas veces tienen su origen en las provincias antes que en Ottawa (Noel, 2003; Vaillancourt, 2003b; Bach, in Puttee, 2002).
Here in Canada, there is a growing literature on disability found in academic volumes (Bickenbach 1993; Cameron and Valentine 2001; Puttee 2002), government and intergovernmental documents, work by activists (Enns 1999), and research institutes and think tanks (Rioux and Bach 1994).
The study population in the endemic area included all those who have lived in four southwestern townships: Puttee and Ichu of Chimayo County and Peimen and Hsuehchia of Taiwan County.
The December issue (of a magazine) is all about the war, the perfect stocking -- or puttee -- stuffer for anyone whose heart beats faster (with patriotism).