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liable to decay or spoil or become putrid

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Making manure from bones, fish, offal, blood, spent hops, beans or other putrescible animal or vegetable matter.
Putrescibles household wastes that can be composted: kitchen wastes, some green wastes, paper, paperboard and textiles health FFHW = Fermentable fraction of household wastes SIMLAR WASTES Community Ordinary wastes Wastes of business and * Wastes of administration green not collected public: together by the * Fairs and public service markets * Ordinary * Clean and waste in road mud mixture purification * Mud * Greases purification * Greases * Used oils * Debris and rubble * WHRNI * Wastes related to use automobile * TWDQ.
During our study, waste management in the area switched from dumping putrescible waste in a traditional landfill to incinerating it We tested for a reduction of garbage in gull diet corresponding to the change in waste management.
Domestic waste to some extent is one of the chief putrescible waste but probably it must be rapidly getting oxidised upon entering the river (Taylor, 1949 and Coker, 1954).
Tanning in the process converting putrescible skin into non-putriscible "leather".
De acuerdo con Seoanez (1995), la DBO permite apreciar la carga del agua en materia putrescible y su poder autodepurador, y de ello se puede deducir la carga maxima aceptable.
a) Segun el material que lo compone: organico e inorganico; combustible o incombustible y putrescible o imputrescible.
De materia putrescible y materia espiritual esta hecha su amalgama.
Putrescible materials such as food or food residue were not collected since these will have a short lifespan.
Anaerobic digestion of putrescible wastes - this converts organic waste into a smaller, solid residue similar to compost.
Se consideraba fundamental impedir la acumulacion de materia putrescible por su nociva influencia en la salud a traves de la exhalacion de miasmas.
Army Europe (USAREUR) Engineer Support Operations Office tested a commercially available composting system that converts up to 85 percent of the putrescible waste (waste that decomposes and becomes putrified) generated at base camps into a usable product.
Leachate from 'older' putrescible landfills is typically highly organic, saline and ammonium-rich, and could, under specific conditions, be suitable for land disposal, or irrigated onto the landfill surface as part of the final soil cover system (Phillips et al.
During the past 2 years, the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Engineer Support Operations (ESO) has tested a composting system that converts up to 85 percent of the putrescible waste (waste that decomposes) generated at base camps into a usable product.
Landfilling of putrescible waste (organic matter that rots) is being progressively banned across Europe between now and 2010.