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In our patient, phlegmon of the mouth floor was caused by the remaining roots of tooth 48 and teeth 38 and 45 with extensive carious cavities and putrescent pulp.
It plunges its accursed beak into the putrescent carcasses of crime and virtue, and it parades it all before a waiting world.
There are some relatively effective deer repellents that contain putrescent egg.
Indeed, the Hotel Earle, with its infernal heat, peeling wallpaper, persecutory mosquito, putrescent color scheme (Bergan 140; Ciment and Niogret 101), and, finally, flaming corridors, is intended as a vision of Hell.
Smallpox clashed with the ideology of the beautiful death, rendering "prematurely putrescent loved ones," in the words of popular versifier Isaac Watts, "Now loathsome and unlovely" (94-95).
A steady flow of espresso-black leachate, the poison distillate of millions of tons of putrescent garbage, pours out, running downhill directly into the creek, which joins the flow of the toxic Pasig River as it winds through the heart of the metropolis to Manila Bay.
When an early critic of Le Corbusier called him boring, he dismissively denounced the doctrine of "life with its many facets and unending variety; life, two-faced or four-faced, putrescent or healthy, limpid or muddy; the exact and the arbitrary, logic and illogicality, the good God and the good Devil; everything in confusion; pour it all in, stir well and serve hot and label the pot 'Life.
Free grace has no need for the putrescent causality of such resources.
Materials that do clog up landfill sites are paper, wood-based products, putrescent waste and construction debris - materials which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.
In the past, researchers have successfully used chemical deterrents such as putrescent egg compound and other big game repellents to inhibit animals from consuming materials in roadside pools.
Evidently Houyhnhnms weren't too hot on taxonomy; for the most part they seem never to have noticed the asses as healthy living relatives, only as putrescent carrion.
Just looking at its putrescent manure-green dust jacket, it's clear that Diet for a Dead Planet isn't light fare.
In each container several combinations of highly putrescent MSW was mixed with C&D fines, and the fines mixed with other materials such as coal ash, sand, soil, etc.
In "The Rime" the characters on Coleridge's ghost-ship dissociate atheism into sensuality and superstition, on the one hand, and putrescent corporeality on the other.