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Synonyms for putrefy

Synonyms for putrefy

to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

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become putrid

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This was probably due in part to bait not having time to putrefy, but this location was not in close proximity to streams or rivers.
As boiling water does not grow hotter by boiling longer, if the particles that receive greater heat can escape; so living bodies do not putrefy, if the particles, so fast as they become putrefied, can be thrown off.
As the voracious fungus eats its way into the cacao plants, causing leaves to shrivel and the fruit to putrefy from within, many cash-strapped growers are forced to chop down and sell the tall-standing trees that grant them the necessary shade to grow the plants.
The great task incumbent on us is that of making a proper environment for our existence, and clearing away from our cities the dead bones that putrefy them'.
Diligent winemakers like to leave a little of the natural suspended solids in new red wines on the theory that the small amount of fresh lees will not putrefy, but will add to esters, flavor and complexity of the wine during barrel age.