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causing or promoting bacterial putrefaction


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Volatile sulphur compounds are formed mainly due to putrefactive activities of bacteria in oral cavity in saliva, gingival sulcus, tongue and other sites within oral cavity (Flow chart 1).
Putrefactive bacteria, for example, were incubated for an hour with the artificially produced antimicrobial peptides.
These effects include reducing lactose intolerance, immunomodulation, shortening diarrhea episodes, and lowering the formation of putrefactive compounds, such as ammonia, which are responsible for foul fecal odor and colon carcinogenesis.
Lactic acid and bifidobacteria contained in them inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic and putrefactive micro-organisms that inhabit the intestines and poison the body with products of rotting and fermentation (phenol, indole, skatole, ammonia, etc.
Physiologic halitosis TN-1 Malodor arises through putrefactive processes within the oral cavity.
Matrix effect and cross-reactivity of select amphetamine-type substances, designer analogues, and putrefactive amines using the Bio-Quant Direct ELISA presumptive assays for amphetamine and methamphetamine.
Putrefactive processes are governed by temperature, humidity, as well as quantity of organic materials and nutrients in the waste.
Probiotics offer digestive health support and help to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial microflora in the gastrointestinal tract while preventing the growth of putrefactive organisms.
Fermented foods also colonize the intestinal tract with flora that control putrefactive bacteria, maintain proper pH balance in the colon, and increase the bulk and frequency of bowel movements.
To fix his vision on what appeared to be a great number of dismembered square fish-eyes bobbing on the surface of the sea of dark congealing blood, but the nauseous putrefactive taste-smell of whiskey-rotted guts came up from his stomach faster then he could swallow it back, and cramps of lightening-fast diarrhea struck down through his bowels with the gut-stretched, panic-stricken, anusache of enema.