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Synonyms for putrefaction

Synonyms for putrefaction

a state of decay usually accompanied by an offensive odor

(biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action

moral perversion

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Sanz reported that after sleep bad breath is more evident in the morning time due to food stagnation and the process of putrefaction.
In this context, the paper will try to evaluate the merciless and insidious flux of time, its impact on the bodily putrefaction of man within man's survival through his lifespan from childhood (though Beckett is inclined to use an indefinite "beginning") to senility.
This will occur both morally with the final disappearance of the phenomena of putrefaction and corruption, and in the cultural, economic and urban fields as well.
To obtain favorite thermostable alkaline cellulase- producing bacterial strains, these bacteria were isolated from collected soil and plant putrefaction samples in long-term garbage dumps.
Food, one assumes, provides nourishment: but Americans eat it fully aware that small amounts of poison have been added to improve its appearance and delay its putrefaction
On arrival at Anatomy department foetal bodies were in advanced stage of putrefaction.
The artificial masque suffers the effect of degradation up to the point it becomes a grotesque masque of putrefaction and purulence: "la putrefaction veut qu'il n'y ait plus de masque que celle de la purulence".
Reading along, one is sure to be puzzled, delighted, intrigued, and persuaded: That Peter Greenaway's disgust in The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989) has the form of chromatic progression, to be read in the compositional changes brought by Georgina's body, itself both object and agent of putrefaction manifested as color-intensification.
Meat shall be free of abnormal odour, or any evidence of putrefaction or mould infection.
The powerlessness of the poor is the root of social putrefaction.
One reason why putrefaction revolts is because I know that one day "this living world will pullulate in my dead mouth.
Ginzburg explores Italian popular culture through the lens of Demonico Scandella, a miller who was twice brought to trial for saying that the world had been created from putrefaction.
Meat steeped for 24 hours in a solution of one part creosote to 100 parts water is rendered incapable of putrefaction and acquires a delicate flavor of smoke.
Ammonia is, in truth, nasty stuff with a strong unpleasant smell that reminds us automatically of toilets and putrefaction, like hanging around the wrong end of a dead cow.
In the painting, the chaos, putrefaction, and struggle to survive become evidence of the artist's early experience in coming to terms with life and death.