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3) To briefly elaborate on point (1), "chances" are measured by assists plus putouts plus errors.
Ramirez' out should stand and the backswing interference should be ignored because the Phillies recorded a putout on the play.
The records in question were for four assists and eleven chances (seven putouts, four assists) in a nine-inning game for right fielders.
The putout should remain even though Victorino's glove made contact with the ball.
Martin records the putout of East Side's Kyle Brenner.
Defensively, the Millers were led by Stephanie Bour, who had one unassisted putout at shortstop and assisted on nine others, including all three in the seventh inning, when she robbed Wilson of a pair of hits.
2) Northboro's Kevin Brown can't quite beat out an infield hit as Northbridge's Evan Mackintosh records the putout.
1 -- color) The Dodgers' Jeff Kent assists on a putout at first base Friday against San Diego.
But in the discussed play, since "Time" should never have been called, the putout on Pie should have been recorded.
Weaver worked 6 2/3 innings on a warm, humid afternoon, Chone Figgins was tracking down flyballs all day to nearly set a major-league putout record, but it was designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero who left with fatigue.
Izturis, who had elbow surgery in September, expressed doubt about manager Grady Little's plan to play him at third, unfamiliar territory for the natural shortstop, but Izturis had seven assists and one putout.
Vizcaino, not sure whether or not Reyes caught the ball for the putout, stayed at first base a la Taveras in the play mentioned earlier.
Lauren Wilson made it a one-run game with a sacrifice fly to center field, but the rally ended with an outstanding over-the-shoulder catch in shallow left field by shortstop Kim Arsenault, her fourth putout of the game.
She also made several sparkling defensive plays, finishing with seven assists and one putout.
The only penalty is that if a fielder makes a putout while falling into the seats, the bar becomes dead and all runners advance one base if there are less than two outs.