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a pretext for delay or inaction

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It is feared that many locals and visitors alike have been putoff socialising around the town because of the hostile atmosphere.
High labor costs and the almost total absence of tax breaks or other financial incentives are a big putoff for foreign productions.
Lady Ottoline Morrell - a friend of the Bloomsbury Group - drove to Waddesdon in May 1909 for lunch with the author Henry James, who confessed later that he was unable to find a lavatory and was quite putoff by the enormous footman and equally enormous white strawberries served at lunch.
Barcelona are willing to offer a pounds 5million signing-on fee to putoff all other interested clubs.
Procurement has been putoff all these years even when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was screaming for more procurement.
Even if the ad times will not be counted in the charge, they may be a putoff.
The new Civic Center Station's spartan environs refute the "civic" in that title, while the unwalkable environs of Union Station's revived hub are a pedestrian putoff.
She briefly mentions the SRI remote viewing work of Putoff & Targ, saying only, "The government spent more than $20 million on classified remote viewing studies" (p.