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Synonyms for put-down


Synonyms for put-down

a crushing remark

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The Duke, who helped defeat Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo and became British PM, has often been condemned for the insulting putdown.
TV legend Cilla says: "When I do my putdowns on Blind Date I'm only joking, but when she does it you can tell she means it.
In some cases, the nawre of the magazine's putdown is so arbitrary that a reader attempting to break the taste code can't because there simply is none.
Charles's putdown came in a memo after secretary Elaine Day suggested it should be easier for royal staff to rise up the ranks.
IAN Hislop has a serious putdown for Tony Blair - more people trust him than the Prime Minister.
As queen of the putdown they thought she'd be ideal to cut some of the performers down to size.
But when things went wrong this weekend the old acid-tongue and killer putdowns were back.
and other coolly sarcastic putdowns and ego-poppers.
Tom Tyszczuk Smith, right, felt the brunt of Paxman's razor-sharp putdowns during last week's clash with Bangor
Collins' forte was her putdowns of the pretentious Rossiter and the ads were compulsive viewing.
Putdowns are rarely as artful as the author thinks.
An awkward mix of angry rock-riff putdowns (Alone In My R0oom) and stripped-back settings (Nothing But), it falls between two stools.
Shaq had kept the feud alive with a variety of putdowns.
who delivered one of the most caustic putdowns of hippies ever.
Cowell is famous for his searing putdowns of contestants that do not, in his opinion, make the grade with their performances.