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Synonyms for putative

assumed to be such

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BEIRUT: French novelist Victor Hugo was putatively thinking about William Shakespeare when he wrote, in the 1860s, that "music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.
I left the baby with a sitter, a putatively reputable, upstanding girl, and recited to the audience the words I had written.
religious violence helps create a blind spot about the violence of the putatively secular nation-state.
Another interesting comparison is to see how temperature departures from normal in Washington correlate with those in the Northern Hemisphere during the era of global warming putatively from greenhouse gas emissions.
In short, he proposes that Israel annex the Occupied Territories and that Palestinians accept the status of the enlarged Israel as a "Jewish state" and forgo political rights (including the right to serve in office) in exchange for putatively equal civil rights (he also fails to lay out what this proposal would mean for the Palestinian diaspora outside of Israel/Palestine, who still believe strongly in their "right of return").
But a surreptitious videotape caught him complaining to two putatively prospective donors about the tea party's negative influence on the Republican Party; he resigned after the tape was posted on the internet.
However, like Ludwig yon Mises, Jasay maintains that reason can still play a role in undermining the appeal of some possibilities by showing that the goals people putatively want to achieve simply cannot be reached by using particular means.
On the other hand, the proliferation of (and perhaps overreaction to) transnational and subnational security threats posed by terrorists, drug smugglers, and other criminal networks has brought about a retrenchment at the borders--an attempt by putatively sovereign states to reassert themselves against nontraditional threats that undermine their image as unitary and all-powerful actors within their territory.
It is not Egyptian or Persian language as Persian or Egyptian that Iamblichus values, but putatively ancient phonemes that have been removed from their ethnocultural and syntactic contexts and situated within the theurgist's incantations.
This novel technique can be used on these affected hESC lines and provide researchers with putatively clinically relevant tools to develop in vitro models for these diseases," Van Haute added.
Back then, the Scottish government had sought to exclude Megrahi from a putatively general prisoner-transfer agreement being negotiated between Tripoli and Westminster.
The putatively terrifying story, appearing under the headline "TARP Said To Be Ripe For Fraud," warned that the government's attempt to rescue the financial system could result in thievery costing taxpayers "tens of billions of dollars.
While rejecting the so-called Bush Doctrine, which putatively grants to the United States almost unlimited permission to attack almost any threat in any form, Doyle delivers a clear warning that the previous rules of war do not apply in the twenty-first century.
In Rist's analysis, the sheer plentitude of forms of commemoration in putatively reformed plays is evidence that the plays enact a Catholic longing.
In the Boston case, numerous witnesses testified that a putatively "terrified victim" trapped my client in a car in a driveway, reached in the driver's side window and punched him repeatedly in the testicles.
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