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Synonyms for putative

Synonyms for putative

assumed to be such

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Horses running in maiden hurdles, novice hurdles, claiming hurdles or sellers might have to finish within 40 lengths of the winner on at least three occasions and/or would have to run to a putative rating of at least 90 on three occasions, in order to be considered for a handicap mark.
The defendant employer, Malden/Dockside, argued that the First Amendment barred the court's restriction of its pre-certification communications with putative class members.
In a 72-hour endurance test, the testers performed measurements on Samsung QLED TVs to check their putative burn-in effects, which may be caused by static picture elements.
The two putative species were stratified geographically, with the 12 individuals of putative species 1 collected within the Amundsen Sea and the remaining 49 individuals of putative species 2 surrounding the Antarctic Peninsula and in the Ross Sea (Fig.
So where, if I may be so bold, was Adam, Putative keeper of the fowl of the air, Putative steward of every living creature That moves on Earth?
They show that an application of this framework enables champions of the so-called knowledge rule of assertion to offer a theoretically motivated response to a number of putative counterexamples in terms of blamelessness.
The first of the two cases was filed as a putative class action in 2015 in federal court in Los Angeles.
But this putative ocean must be at least several kilometers down--a formidable barrier to exploring it firsthand.
We ran analyses based upon switching the cell proportions to create putative PTBsig for whole blood (pPTBsig) in which CD4+ or CD8+ T cells or monocytes predominated or in which the cell proportions were unchanged.
(NASDAQ: PULB) (the "Company") announced today that the Court has dismissed the putative class action lawsuit captioned Patel v.
Pulaski Financial Corp (NASDAQ:PULB) on Thursday revealed that the Court has dismissed the putative class action lawsuit captioned Patel v Douglass, et al (the Patel case), filed in the Circuit Court of St Louis, Missouri, against its board of directors, the company and First Busey Corporation, related to the merger of the company with and into First Busey.
(NASDAQ: PULB) has said that the Court has dismissed the putative class action lawsuit titled Patel v.
In the process of identifying true off-types from putative ones, modifications and optimizations were first proposed in our study to improve accuracy and efficiency.
A recent California decision on a pre-certification discovery dispute in a putative class action lawsuit against Facebook, Inc.