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the put-upon cutup on the hit series Scrubs--who's TV's most cuddly (and gay-friendly) doc.
Put-upon parents in the region will be up to their neck in suds for more than 12 months of their lives the study by powder company Surcare has shown.
If you've read The Devil Wears Prada, the best-selling novel about a put-upon assistant to a high-powered fashion magazine editor, you know what I mean.
Some readers might find this novel predictably formulaic, but the formula still works for readers who like the details of everyday life and a feisty main character who, no matter how put-upon, triumphs in the end.
Small wonder that this once put-upon Sunni villager imagined that he had a Bomb, or binary gas, or killer microbes--who cared about technical details?
Another nomination was to follow for her role of the put-upon mother Barbara in The Royle Family.
A wonderfully comical performance by Charles White, playing put-upon husband Mark, helps the story to move at a smart pace, with more than a dash of slapstick.
Using the backdrop of a patriarchal Japan, a place she has never left, Kirino uses the tale of a put-upon woman who murders her adulterous husband and, with the help of female friends, disposes of the corpse, focussing on the human effects of the crime rather than the forensics of it, reports the New York Times.
Will they be willing to recruit the extra staff to cover this, or will their put-upon current employees be given an even shorter straw?
Hardwicke's film, one of the best at this year's festival, stars Holly Hunter as a put-upon single mother who ekes out a living as a hairdresser.
As a put-upon character, Dominique Mercy gives a performance more tedious than comic.
Amazing: Adolf Eichmann is a put-upon, persecuted bureaucrat and a man on his way to the concentration camps becomes a symbol of human evil.
The film comes into its own capturing his borderline mania and the tearful travails of put-upon Anna as she repeatedly fails to live up to his expectations.
Durning portrayed everyone from blustery public officials to put-upon everymen to Big Daddy in a Broadway revival of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
Noel Clarke (who also coscripted) is on hand as the girls' put-upon coach.