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from anything he was a put-upon McReddie, Tucker, of The Green, Norton, pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply and also to possession of criminal property, the cash from sales.
Willie Walsh, put-upon CEO of British Airways, warns that Europe has failed to recognise the threat of Middle Eastern airlines.
Comforts are few and far between for put-upon commuters on our overcrowded rail system.
scruffy-feathered, looking poor and put-upon by the sleek crows who
the put-upon cutup on the hit series Scrubs--who's TV's most cuddly (and gay-friendly) doc.
Put-upon parents in the region will be up to their neck in suds for more than 12 months of their lives the study by powder company Surcare has shown.
8 Will Smith as put-upon dad in "The Pursuit of Happyness.
If you've read The Devil Wears Prada, the best-selling novel about a put-upon assistant to a high-powered fashion magazine editor, you know what I mean.
Some readers might find this novel predictably formulaic, but the formula still works for readers who like the details of everyday life and a feisty main character who, no matter how put-upon, triumphs in the end.
Will they be willing to recruit the extra staff to cover this, or will their put-upon current employees be given an even shorter straw?
Hardwicke's film, one of the best at this year's festival, stars Holly Hunter as a put-upon single mother who ekes out a living as a hairdresser.
Stage and screen star Ian Carmichael will play hospital secretary Mr Middleditch, while Starke will play put-upon porter Ken Hopkirk.
The story's piquancy lines us up with the cricket, against common sense, against natural selection, against the law of the jungle, just as it yokes us to donkeys, mice, rats, tortoises, frogs, and the other foolish and put-upon underlings who people the fabulous menagerie.
As a put-upon character, Dominique Mercy gives a performance more tedious than comic.
Amazing: Adolf Eichmann is a put-upon, persecuted bureaucrat and a man on his way to the concentration camps becomes a symbol of human evil.