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settle or put right

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Research from insurer LV= shows buyers are having to shell out thousands to fix hidden horrors they missed during buying - costing an average PS4205 to put right.
TITLE challengers Real Madrid will attempt to put right one of last season's wrongs, as they bid to keep pace with rivals Barcelona and Atletico.
campaign and call on the Government to put right this clear inequality.
But in terms of dealing with those things that have to be put right nationally, that's my role.
At any time after Ryan has acquired its interest in the property and prior to June 30, 2013, Ryan shall be entitled to transfer such interest back to Castillian (the Put Right ) in consideration of the issuance to Ryan of that number of shares of Castillian (each, a Castillian Share ) that is equal to the quotient obtained by dividing (a) the sum of all expenditures incurred or deemed to have been incurred on the property by Ryan to the date of exercise of the Put Right, by (b) $0.
Publicly-owned diesel vehicles in South Wales have been filled with petrol on 27 occasions by forgetful staff since April 2008, costing pounds 4,905 to put right, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.
Investment company HarbourVest Global Private Equity Ltd (HVPE) declared on Monday that there were 211,535 put rights remaining to be issued as of 17 September 2010 pursuant to its market put right offer.
Islamabad, Jun 26 (ANI): Home Minister P Chidambaram today said that the upside down display of the Indian flag during his meeting with Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik is a minor issue, and added that the flag was put right after the fault was pointed out.
ONLY A FEW WORDS YOU can make people happy If you try Just a cheeky 'Good Morning' As they pass by When phoning a friend You're sure to impress If, at the end of the call, You say 'God Bless' If you fall out with someone There's no need to worry All things can be put right If you just say 'I'm sorry' When you go to bed at night Don't just turn over and put out the light Just say these words, but be sure they're true 'Good night dear' 'I love you'.
It's something we want to put right because we have thousands of fans following us.
I think those problems can be put right and they certainly will be put right.
has vowed Manchester United will put right the mistakes that are threatening to wreck their season.
The agreements are to waive the 31 January 2009 put right for USD15.
He was out of shape and that can take a while to put right.
But for buyers, problems of getting defects put right tend to be worst with middling builders producing 500-1,000 homes a year.