put right

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settle or put right

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"We know we have a lot of things to put right. We're really excited about the challenge of Wales.
Well, to put right what I have just mentioned, take about PS3 billion out of the overseas money and it is all sorted isn't it?
"It's something we want to put right before the end of the season.
As an Arsenal fan, I'm disgusted" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hits out at the TV service launched by the football club showing blood sports and hunting shows "Heart-throbs are a dime a dozen" Hollywood star Brad Pitt "I think Nick Clegg has a duty to put right what he did wrong.
"That's something we need to mentally put right. (But) you don't become bad players overnight - one bad game, one bad day at the office."
Workmen are still working to put right the damaged power supplies.
Those who do the damage should pay to get things put right, not us tax payers.
I wanted to put right what I saw as a great wrong."
Research from insurer LV= shows buyers are having to shell out thousands to fix hidden horrors they missed during buying - costing an average PS4205 to put right.
TITLE challengers Real Madrid will attempt to put right one of last season's wrongs, as they bid to keep pace with rivals Barcelona and Atletico.
I support the 'No Free Lunch?' campaign and call on the Government to put right this clear inequality.''
But in terms of dealing with those things that have to be put right nationally, that's my role.
Get in touch with the firm and demand they survey the work and put right any problems.
He said the Government was going to "put right" the problem after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found issues with dignity and respect in hospitals up and down the country.