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an option to sell

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the option to sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


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The put option is a flexible stop-loss PI plan, which, unlike ordinary stop-loss orders, lets investment managers retain their portfolios.
According to KDB, this put option has been one of the key points of the 1.6 trillion won deal.
Put Option: Investors can exercise the put option if DI fails to redeem the securities at the end of the fifth year (2017), when the distribution rate steps up by 500bp.
LWL has exercised the Put Option and full payment in cash is due within 30 days.
A put option is a stock market device that gives the owner the right to sell an asset at a specified price by a predetermined date to a given party.
The contract offers, among other things, that in full satisfaction of the put option, within ten business days following the date of the agreement, the company will pay to Russian Direct Investment Fund USD25 million in cash and, subject to the completion of regulatory approval, will issue to Russian Direct Investment Fund in a private placement, USD25m in shares of restricted Titan common stock, with Russian Direct Investment Fund being required to hold such shares for three years from the date of the definitive agreement.
According to the terms of that deal, Kazatomprom had the right to sell its shares back to Toshiba at a fixed price of $ 522 million under the Put Option Agreement.
The company announced in February that it had received a payment of USD 700,000 in part settlement of the RMB 50m (approximately USD 7.2m) due from the exercise of the put option. In January, Adamas Finance Asia said it had agreed terms for the sale of its indirect 15% interest in the Tian Tong Shan Villa Project, a resort development in Fujian Province, China for a total consideration of up to RMB 113.58m (USD 16.4m), the company said.
The IRS assessed a tax deficiency on the premise that the loss recognized on the euro put option was improper due to its not being a foreign currency contract under Sec.
Was this an indication that institutional investors, aka, the "smart money," were reducing their put option activity (i.e., insurance), believing the downturn was ending?
For example, according to Sebi investigations, an entity A sold about 6.2 lakh units of Axis Bank put option contracts to entity B for Rs 58 each while the value of those units were Rs 98 each.
As prices have fallen, the value of a put option for WTI at $35 per barrel has soared from just 17 cents at the beginning of July to over half a dollar this week, and the value of an option to sell at $30 per barrel has surged from a mere 7 cents in early July to 17 cents.
The instrument will have a put option whereby it may be redeemed in the form of shares or cash.
(NASDAQ: VIP) and its subsidiary OJSC Vimpel-Communications said they have announced a put option by holders of the 8.85 percent RUB10 billion bonds (approximately USD0.2 billion) due March 14, 2022 issued by OJSC VimpelCom.
Under the put option agreement, Sports Direct has the right to buy over 74.1m shares in Debenhams, at an agreed price, in the future.